I'm closing foremdev

I tried marketing foremdev.com but most of the market wants self hosted solution for this which I don't want to do so I'm thinking if scrapping this and start a new project.

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    As other say, I think there is a need for this kind of service. Before closing down for good, maybe you can try to work on the copy / marketing a bit? Despite having a technical background, I had a hard time understand what exactly you are offering.

    Sometimes it is just about how you position yourself that makes all the difference. This site provide great tips on doing this https://marketingexamples.com/copywriting.

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      I don't know I've lost energy on this one. Let me refocus and rethink maybe start fresh

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    What do you mean by self-hosted solution?

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      People want to hos it on there own hosting solution. Then each hosted solution becomes so much work

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    Have you thought about a pivot with this?

    You just discovered the behavior of the market. That's a good foundation point for you to pivot. Scrapping is also not a bad idea if you have lost energy on it.

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      Yeah the way market is going is just too much maintenance and out of y expertise too

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    Building a service on top of a software is a smart strategy though.
    Was going through this recently and the platforms seem to be already validated for demand: scopeinc.com/services

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      Yeah its a good idea but the way the product I'm building on requires things out of my skills

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