Landing Page Feedback November 25, 2020

I'm doing free First Impressions Videos to help you get ready for the biggest online holiday season ever.


Hi there! I'm new to Indie Hackers, but have long enjoyed the content when shared elsewhere, so want to give back to the community.

Have spent over a decade doing digital strategy, conversation optimization and customer experience.

This week I'm doing FREE site reviews and making short First Impression Videos.

Share your ecommerce, saas, or landing page link and if there is anything in particular you are curious about or need help with.

Will make as many videos as I can and reply with a public link. (Will also be sharing them on my twitter @JoshMacFarlane).

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    Hey Josh, I'd love for you to take a look at my app's listing in the Apple App Store store. This is what I use as my landing page most often.

    1. 1

      The yellow & black is nice, plus you do a good job at clarifying the proposition.

      Here are a few thoughts. Hope it helps.

      1. 2

        ah, amazing. thank you!

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    Thanks for your offer. I would like to take you up on it. Please review my application "Twitter Hashtag Analytics" at


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