I'm finally hiring!

It's taken about a year of growing Bannerbear to get to this point but finally:

  1. I'm getting overwhelmed with work
  2. I know which areas of the business I can delegate
  3. I have enough cashflow to hire some help!

The first role(s) I'm hiring for are Bannerbear Creators. These are folks who will help me write tutorials and design templates. It's a freelance-esque role where you get paid according to the number of items that you submit/get published - but it's a good start!

My goal is to onboard a few Creators who can then take responsibility for the tutorial / template pipeline, which frees me up to focus most of my time on the API and editor.

If you have any friends who are looking for a bit of extra design work or technical writing work, point them below!

Become a Bannerbear Creator -> https://www.bannerbear.com/jobs/

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    Whoa, it must feel awesome getting to this point. Congratulations!

    I like your criteria for deciding when to hire, especially the first one - going to bear this in mind for myself.

    My internal argument about hiring goes something like this:

    • I am not overwhelmed with work BUT
    • If I could hand over some portion of the work, I could spend more time on marketing
    • BUT there is still so much to automate to make customer service less painful (since my business is highly manual) - I should do that first instead to free up time for marketing
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    That's a big milestone! Congratulations, @yongfook!

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    "There is a monthly cap of $1000 USD on monthly earnings per creator". That plus paying per item vs paying for time seems like a horrible way for someone to make money. Especially when you advertise you are profitable. I've been a fan of how you are building in public, but these terms don't seem balanced at all.

    1. 1

      I welcome feedback, how would you structure it so that it's fair to both parties?

      I can't afford to pay someone say, $1000 / $2000 per month and for them to only produce one or two items of content. Paying per item seemed like the best way to handle this, it's similar to any freelance job - you get paid "per project" except in this case the projects are micro-projects.

      I guess there could be an agreed minimum output, but then isn't that sort of just a variation of the above.

      1. 1

        You could pay for their time to make the items and figure out a separate deal without limits on sales revenue that's shared. That would create more alignment to create really great content.

        1. 1

          I think you may have a misunderstanding of what I'm offering, because that sounds like exactly what I'm offering.

          My current offer is, for example, we agree on $100 per template.

          You make me 10 templates in a month, I pay you $1000. Simple.

          You make me 5 templates in a month, I pay you $500.

          Don't make 11, because there's a cap at $1000.

          Is this not fair?

          1. 1

            Ah that's not clear in the way its worded I think! Maybe state it like that more!

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    Congrats on the amazing milestone! That's super exciting, and I hope you find some awesome collaborators to work with!

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    Congrats on the milestone! 🥂

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    Btw Jon, which font combination are you using? If you don't mind, I would love to try the font on one of my projects.

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    Congrats. Just my 2 cents, instead of hiring full-time directly. Better work part-time with them in the coming 2-3 months so that both of you comfortable with each other.

    I know hiring is sucks but it more sucks when you hire a full-time person and it is not a good fit for your organization.

    You have the luxury to try that model, request to try it out. It will help both of you.

    1. 2

      From the post above:

      It's a freelance-esque role where you get paid according to the number of items that you submit/get published

      It's not a full time role.

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    Hey Jon,

    Would love to hear about the hiring process. Maybe in a future post.

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    Congratulations! That's an awesome milestone to finally have enough inflow to hire! I'll share this with people I know, good luck!

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    Congratulations Jon. Your journey has been amazing. The site looks very fresh!

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    that's a nice milestone Jon!

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    Jon, congrats on being able to hire some help! Here’s one tip that has helped me with onboarding in the past.

    Give new hires a doc that explains how you like to communicate and expectations. Ask him or her to make one too.

    For example, I prefer email overall but phone calls if it is time sensitive. Also, I don’t expect people to reply to emails I send over the weekend (sometimes I schedule those to go out Monday away).

    Being able to communicate smoothly from the start will save you a lot of time. No need to feel things out. 💥

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    Hey @yongfook. I made a post earlier looking to work for an indie dev. Are you still hiring and what role is it?

    1. 3

      There’s info in the post above, and then full details in the page I have linked to. Sounds like you have not read either of those things.

      Not a good start. Good luck in your job hunt but remember, don’t let your enthusiasm get in the way of your preparedness.

      1. 4

        Hey, totally hear your point - and you're not wrong. But, if I could offer some unsolicited advice, consider giving people the benefit of the doubt before you publicly write them off! Hopefully your interview process tests people on the skillset relevant to the job. Job searching sucks, and it'll cost you nothing to point a candidate to the job posting.

        1. 2

          I did point them to the job posting :) it's right there in the post, as I said in the comment.

          This is all a bit moot anyway, as David is not looking for the type of job I am offering. I know job searching sucks, but hiring also sucks. It's very common to get applications from people who clearly have not read the JD, and all of that is a time sink.

      2. 1

        How did I miss that! haha well not a good start indeed but will check the details though.

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