Looking to Partner Up April 27, 2019

I'm giving away Hosted GraphQL BaaS envs, built for busy frontend devs! Would you like one ? 🎁

Kamal @kim0

After lurking at IH for almost a year, I decided to get my act together and release something out there!

GQLEngine is a hosted graphql backend-as-a-service based on the Hasura engine. What's great about that engine, is that it's designed to be plugged into your frontend code and you have fully functioning app, without writing a single line of backend code. Assuming you don't need complex logic on the backend, that's all you'll ever need! Rejoice React/Gatsby/Flutter fans 😁

I have only built https://demo.gqlengine.com where with one click, you can deploy (in ~3 mins) a postgresql DB + graphql baas and get your own unique environment URL/password secured with https ..etc. You can launch many environments for free (please don't abuse!). I have NOT built a website yet (talk about early launches :)


  • How can I make gqlengine the best BaaS hosting platform for your needs?
  • Would you consider using gqlengine today? Please share why/why-not ?

PS: I am #looking-for-cofounder in marketing. Ping me if interested and have previous experience with SAAS apps (preferably for developers!)

Thanks IH for everything you have shared. I'm loving that community ❤️

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    Cool, I am working on something similar at nhost.io. https://www.indiehackers.com/product/nhost-io

    I am planning on going live within a few weeks :)

    How has your release been so far?

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    Great!!!. Have you thought about competing in the sharepoint space?

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      mm sorry for being late to reply, but can you explain more how is sharepoint related to graphql ? Why do you think sharepoint is a good business move ? Thanks for any insights you share!

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    Looks cool. You will be competing vs some very tough competitors.

    I think I would need to be able to store functions to be able to use it. Triggered by database changes I guess.

    If you need help with a landing page let me know :)

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      Hey thanks .. glad you like it. Which competition do you have in mind ?
      If you mean firebase, I think this solution will have price advantage as well as avoiding lockin.

      Can you let me know what parameters do you look for when choosing something like that ?

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