Building in Public November 19, 2020

I'm not a social media kind of guy but giving it a try

Daniel K. Hunter @dkh
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    I am same type of person, so I know how hard is to post anything. Stay strong and hit that publish button! :)

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    Hey Daniel, thanks for sharing and I love your idea on pain points. I've glanced over the "Personal Knowledge Management — User Research Report" and it looks really useful. I'm going to govie you a follow on twitter!

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    "I took the "build it and they will come" approach. Well, nobody ever came".

    Nicely worded.

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    This was a great thread @dkh! I particularly loved the idea validation tweet on the "Grand Unified Theory of Product Ideation". Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts that I can use for my product, ruttl as well!

    Have you considered running a podcast maybe? It might work out pretty great for you!

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      Thanks man! I'm definitely considering a podcast. I think the content and conversations have are well suited for one. Ruttle looks awesome btw!

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