May 21, 2019

I'm struggling with the payment system

Sebastian Jędrocha @Burton


I'm working on the project in automotive niche that helps users to sell their services more efficiently. I have some troubles with the payment provider because the polish ones don't fit my needs.

Basically I need to implement two major functionalities:

  • charging customers monthly (which isn't a problem),
  • allow customers to receive payments for their services (they get ready-to-use website, where they can sell their services)

I was wondering if there is somebody who has already implemented similar functionality and can share some tips or knowledge. I think it should be possible with stripe, but I don't have enough experience in this field yet.

In addition Stripe isn't available in my country so I will have to register a company in US in order to use it, so I don't know if it's a good solution for me.

Thanks in advance for all answers!


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    What about just using PayPal? Not the smoothest experience for users, but easy enough for you to implement. Heard good stuff about Ikajo and Paddle, but never used them.

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      Hey, thanks for your answer! Actually I came up with another idea, I will just setup one Stripe account for all payments, and if my registered user sells some service then I will send the money manually to its bank account. I will think about better approach if I get more traction, as for the start it should be ok. What do you think?

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        You complicate it for no particular gain.

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          Can you explain more why do you think that? I mean I need a way to allow my users to receive payments for their services if somebody buy it via their website. Kind of marketplace but not really.

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            You add an extra channel and an extra step into your process.

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    Hey Sebastian,

    Had thee same issue when I started

    Wasted time and money looking for a payment system till I discovered paddle UK

    That is what I currently use with group leads and the experience is great, you can do your research before making the final decision.

    I hope this helps.

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      Yeah paddle seems to be interesting, I need to read more about it. Thanks!

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      Thanks a lot for your answer!