I'm tired of looking at boring resumes.

I've personally done over 4000 interviews cumulatively in my career. And I don't get why we still use the format of the current resume.

I was just wondering if anyone has ever felt similar. I don't think my resume is all that impressive anyways but I just don't think this is the format to tell a story about who I am. It is good at times for a reference point in interviews though.

Should we change the ole resume into something more creative, more empathetic, or even more unique?

How do you 'craft your resume'? Or do you even still use one? Should we still use one? Would love to hear ya'lls thoughts.

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    i dno't have a resume... but, i have an outline of my work on my cv page on my blog.

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      imagine if resumes looked more like that part you scribbed on a notebook paper..

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    • It's a low-frequency "product" of resume creators. Updated once every few years.
    • As an interviewer, I just glimpse through if the resume fits the job description and won't spend more than 2 minutes on it until the interview.
    • Fancy resumes set higher expectations in interviewers' minds unless it's for a design/creative position.

    However, if you are talking about keeping a personal portfolio and for self-expression, then people can do whatever.

    It sounds like you are not enjoying reviewing resumes at your job ;-)?

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      haha maybe one too many resumes...

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    As the creator of: https://bytevitae.com I might be the worst person to ask :P

    But I would love to hear what you feel doesn't work with the current format.

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      haha! no this is cool. i don't think i did a good job of talking about in my post. but i guess i would like their to be a whole new complete format to the resume in how to process someone's story from their first job to their current one...

      but im digging your website. wish i found this two years ago before i paid someone money to give me CV help. I don't even use that CV anymore lol.

      Would love to chat more about your product! Do you find it an issue when you have international resumes, different regions prefer different formats (in HK and Beijing, I found people wanting me to post a small picture of myself in the top right corner lol)

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        Thank you very much for the kind words!

        So far I haven't had complains on that regard, buy I do support the use and lack of picture, since it is also a common thing in Spain. Feel free to contact me on the email on my profile if you want to chat more!

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      yeah i haven't personally had much success on linkedin. have you found most of your jobs through that?

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        Most success: Applying on Angellist with the Linkedin profile.

        Founders/recruiters perspective: Founders typically don't have enough time to go through an elaborate resume.

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    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

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      yes agreed. as someone who has applied applied for 283203020 jobs...those that make sure you input each date and work history just want to make me want to scream (higher ed job applications...)

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