Ideas and Validation December 16, 2020

I'm tired of slow email communications 😤. What do you think of my solution?

Matias Szarfer @matiszz

Hey there! 👋🏽 I would love to hear your opinion on this!

👎 Problem 1: When I use Slack, important messages get lost, information is difficult to find, and in the end, it just feels like a WhatsApp for teams.
👎 Problem 2: When I work as a freelancer, I don't have any way to communicate with my clients in a fast, effective way. I feel bad when texting on WhatsApp. But via email, they answer every almost once per week.

😁 Solution: I want to develop a B2B, instant communication system. It will be oriented to have fast answers and accessible information with folders, labels, etc.

I have tons of features I've thought about, but to keep it short, I'd love to know your opinion! 🤩
🤔 Have you ever encountered any of these problems?
🤔 Did you try to solve it somehow? If so, what?
🤔 What you don't love about the solutions you've tried?

I spoke here about work, but you can extrapolate it to any team (homework, office, etc.)

I've just started coding it last week, so I will really appreciate your inputs here! Thanks a lot!! <3

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    Slack was just bought by a megacorp so they can say bye-bye to innovation. Smaller companies will totally be able to steal some market shares from them. Good luck!

  2. 2

    Do you know ? The way it organise the info is different than Slack and can be your solution

    1. 1

      It seems like it could totally solve the first problem! I will investigate more about the second one.
      But anyway I imagine it better. I think I could do it better.

      1. 2

        That last sentence is all that counts :)

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