November 12, 2019

I'm totally stuck in the design process


I'm totally stuck with the layout for the dashboard. I'm working on the part to create products. I thought I'd split the form into several steps so the user wouldn't be scared with too many input fields.

But somehow the whole thing is not really round and far away from a good user interface. What does I do in such situations to help you get ahead? The UI is very important to me.

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    Hi Tim,

    3 steps that help me:

    1. Go back to your user stories

    Do you have user stories? What is the user trying to accomplish?

    I like to look at the outcome my user wants and work my way backwards from that. I find that gives me clarity in how the process should be structured. What is the minimum the user needs to do to get to their outcome now?


    1. Get someone to test your current design

    Doing user testing, while asking the user to speak out loud, will create a lot of new insights. I just get a friend or my wife to help me at this point. It shows a lot of the assumptions that I'm making.


    1. Find examples / inspiration

    Look at how similar apps approach this problem. They don't need to be in the same vertical, but what are best-in-class apps doing to solve similar problems? Run through some of those apps and it will help you find some structure.

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      Thank you very much, I finished the first views for the usecase yesterday. I am now working on the implementation and will have it tested by a few users.

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    I always go for what the fastest path to hands on feedback is. If someone can actually use the thing, and you can watch them, you can make observations. Stressing about figuring it out perfectly before you release it will drive you crazy, and you’ll end up changing it anyway once folks start using it.

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      thank you, that make sense in many ways.

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    Have you tried pre-designed templates? If you're in Figma, we have a lot of dashboard patterns. Our Figma desktop library contains a lot of most frequent cases: graphs, tables, menus, headers and more. You only have to combine, reuse or keep it as it is in your next project. Take a look here: . This could be huge timesaver for you!

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      I did a deep look at some templates, but i dont find one with nice flow for the user Input. All templates have only the basic stuff like a form with a couple of inputs.

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        Don't try to find exactly the specific inputs combination for your case. Looks like you got the wrong vision on how to reuse commercial templates: You can pick any of the configured templates with a lot of sorted and placed properly inputs on canvas, then simply overwrite your captions, placeholders and input titles. And here's your user's input almost done! Do you have wireframes / sketches / or a plan for this page? I can demonstrate you how to act with this stuff

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          no, i dont have any wireframes, maybe that is what me leads to my problem today. I think another obstacle is the lack of experience in ux.

          i would say that i was seeking some inspiration in the templates, but the most of them have only a few input and does not handle complex forms.