I'm writing a book about Git in two months

Hey everyone,

If you're using Git but your usage doesn't go beyond adding, commit pushing and pulling changes, my upcoming book "REBASE" might be for you.

Starting this December I'm giving myself 2 months to finish a first version. I'll create hand-drawn visualisations and make it a fun read.

Let me know what you think:


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    Maybe a free chapter would help people who don't know you to know if they could be interested in your book? The landing is awesome but lots of books on Git are available already. Maybe be more straightforward about why people should buy yours specifically could help.

    I'll be happy to follow the making of the book on your Twitter!

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      @chaica This is awesome feedback! Yes putting out one or a few sample chapters is something I had in mind as well. I still need to write those tho haha. Also need to see if I can make such a thing happen with Gumroad.

      Good call on the "why"! Will add a section to the site.

      Thanks again!

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    this book is for junior developers or just for people who use git (like me)?

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      Hey @May this book is for pretty much anyone using git, but especially for people that want to take their skills to the next level.

      Even though the primary focus of the book is rebasing, there's an intro chapter that already goes deep behind the scenes in a digestible way, talking about how a repository works and how commits are composed on a file system and object level.

      Does this answer your question?

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        I think you need a table of contents for before you want to charge for preorders, I am using git, only basic functions like commit and some times I am making and merging different branches, so for now I don't know is this book good for me or not :)

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          The "What's Inside" section at https://rebase-book.com/ aimed to address that, but I see where you're coming from. The focus of the book needs to be done more clear.

          so for now I don't know is this book good for me or not :)

          It's most likely good for you if your git skills are limited to just committing, pushing and pulling.

          I'll add a "Who's this book for" section to the website!

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            @May I've added a new "This book is for you if..." section to the page.

            What do you think?


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    Good Luck Pascal! Don't forget that it's --rebase-merges now and not --preserve-merges :))

    No, really, GOOD LUCK!

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      Ha, fun fact: I've never used that option!

      Thanks @oprearocks!

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