Self Development February 9, 2021

Improve Your Decision Making With These 5 Tips! ✴️

Siddhita Upare @siddhitaupare

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

Our lives are literally filled with this single word!

And then there are times when you are like -


Making decisions at times can get tough. However, if you know certain tricks of this trade, it won't seem as difficult!

Don't worry, I am no spare to this problem either! 🤣
I've tried bunch of these tricks myself and they seem to help me out for sure!

Here are 5 important things you should have in place while you make your decisions -

1. Eat Well! 🍏

Ahh food, the one thing that most people underestimate yet the one thing that affects your entire living. Before you make any decision, make sure your stomach is filled with some healthy food. No, not a burger or fries! 🙃. A healthy and fit body will result in a fit mind thus leading to good decision making!

2. Too Many Choices Spoil The Soup! 🥣

It's true! The more options you have in front of you, the less likely you are to make an optimized decision. Cut through the options you have and reduce them until it's easier to pick one.

3. Your Mornings Are The Best Time ☀️

Our bodies have the tendency to secrete maximum serotonin and dopamine inside our bodies in the early hours of the day. Apart from the hormones', a good night's sleep puts you into the freshest mood in the morning. So, basically you are at 100% charge 🔋 to make your decisions!

4. Foreign Language Does Wonders 😲

Yes seriously! For example, I am well versed with the Hindi and Marathi languages! Any time I face a situation where I need to think carefully, I explain to myself the problem in different language. For some reason, I am able to come up with new solutions and ideas to tackle the problem

5. Get Some Fresh Air 💨

I'm sure you've heard that

CO2 is bad for humans. It's oxygen that you need.

Well, before you take that decision, just make sure you aren't locked up in close, indoors without any oxygen. Yeah, not the most ideal environment for decision making 🤷


Okay, that's the self-improvement tip for today guys! I hope you learnt something new through reading this. But I will say one thing -

Just breathe. Making decisions isn't that hard. We make it hard ourselves.
In the end, you already know which decision makes you feel better, so just go ahead with it!

Now that you've read this, tell me when was the last time you made a good decision and what was it? I would love to hear your stories, so share them in the comments down below! 👇

Siddhita ❤️

P.S My free to use productivity tool Brutask is finally out and ready to use! If you are a productivity freak, make sure to check it out as well!

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    I'm passionate about languages (translator background here 🙋‍♀️) but I've never used your different language tip. I'll give it a go 😎

    1. 1

      Haha @maevaeverywhere do give it go! I'm sure you'll love it!

  2. 2

    Thanks a lot for these great practical tips @siddhitaupare. Shukriya!

  3. 1

    Thanks for the useful tips! 🙌

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