In 2020 I read 104 books (2 per week). I'm building a platform to help others find great books

If "reading more" it's not part of your resolutions for 2021, you are missing out. Reading is such a wonderful way to learn. There are so many books that can teach you, inspire you, motivate you, and give you fresh ideas for your business and projects that everyone should read at least an hour a day.

I read about 2 to 3 hours a day and sometimes I wish I had more time.
Great business people like Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet read a couple of hours a day.

I'm building a platform to help people find the best books to read. I have setup a sign in form to see if there is interest. If you would like to find great books to read in 2021 and beyond sign up here: https://apprend.co/

Leave a comment if you want a good recommendation for your next book or follow me on twitter.

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    How would your platform be different from something like goodreads?

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      I have the same question :)

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        Hi, thank you for your question. Yes so, I use Goodreads every day and the problem is the recommendations. In our platform we will match you with people who have read the same books you have read and based on that we will be recommending books from those users.
        So for example we will match you with other readers and after you are matched with people that have read the same 10, 15, 20 books, we will recommend books read by your network.
        It obviously is a challenge but the market of book readers is big. About 500 million books sold from Jan to Sept in 2020.

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            Really good. Thank you for sharing!

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    That's an impressive count! What is your process for retaining the content you read?

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      Retention is overrated 😁. Obviously, you cannot retain everything and the truth is that from reading so much, you understand that not everything is worth retaining but maybe just a couple of concepts per book.
      It's like listening to podcasts, you don't retain everything but you learn as you are listening and you will retain what matters to you.
      In books, since I read most of my books digitally, I can remember something I read in a book and then search for it if I want to retrieve it.

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        Good point, for me, I make it a point to chat with close friends in the next week and then just remember telling them :)

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