Ideas and Validation February 16, 2020

In-app notification System as a Service landing page review

Dima Grossman @dimagrossman

Hi Guys,

Notifire is a complete notification system for your web-app, just implement the client SDK to get a fully-featured transactional + marketing In-app notification center for your users.

Looking for feedback about our landing page:

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    I think this is a very complete landing page! The moving parts sort of distract me, but that's only minor. I think you went into very good detail about what this is, who it's for, how it helps, etc.

    The one thing that's hugely missing is pricing. For me, I would never even consider signing up to something without visible pricing.

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      Thank you Patrick!

      I agree with you on the pricing part, we currently in a closed beta stage trying to figure out the correct way to price this.

      We really want to provide a free tier for indie hackers and small products. Once you passed specific users/notifications sent threshold, we will charge based on the volume of usage.

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    Looks awesome. A few spelling / grammar mistakes in the copy, but looks great! Well done.

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      Thanks Daniel, not native americans here :P I will send it for another proofread hopefully in the next couple of days.

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    Nice design. Did you developed the landing page or it's a premium template from Themeforest or somewhere else?

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      Hi Hossein, Yes, this is a ThemeForest theme with customizations for our needs.

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        What is the name of template?

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    The landing page looks good but I think you need to focus more on the problem you are trying to solve. Give some examples, use cases. For 30 seconds I was not able to figure out if I need to use notifications, and if so, why.
    Good luck!