May 4, 2019

In person meetup in the bay area?

Tomás De Matteis @tomasdms

This Journey of ours can feel very lonely sometimes and this community helps a lot. But I was wondering if anyone on the bay area can recommend meetups and communities in San Francisco/Bay Area. where like-minded entrepreneur could share our tips, struggles and support each other on the journey. If such groups don't exist would you be interested in participating in one if I were to organize it? I'm talking about a mastermind with an in-person component to it. Comment your thoughts and let's make it happen!

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    Ok, I realized that that was a silly question since Indie Hackers has already a meetup feature. silly me. First day here. LOL

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      No question is too silly, I will ping meetup organisers and see who can point you in the right direction.

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    Moving to Berkeley in June, would love to meet some new folks in the startup community

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      Follow me here and hit me up once you are here, I will love to connect!

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    If you're interested in becoming a community leader yourself, apply here!

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      Done, Thank you!

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    I'm in San Francisco. I want to join :)

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      welcome to the US, Let's do this!

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