In the interior design field? You should use HARO.

Just putting it out there as it could help people in the future.

I subscribed to HARO to find P.R opportunities. Every day they send out emails with journalists requesting quotes / sources. Then you just answer it and if they pick you, you will get your quote on a big name magazine, with a link back to your website.

In my logo design / branding field, I have to wait for days until one request matches my skillset. So I can only bring value to a handful of journalists, meaning I don't have tons of opportunities.

But I swear that in EVERY SINGLE EMAIL, they have requests for interior designers. For example, I just saw this from their last email: "Interior Designers to comment on: 2021 Trends in Apartment Design and Decorating (RENTCafé)". Or this from yesterday: "Need Interior Designers For Spring 2021 Trends (INSIDER)".

If you're in that field, you should just subscribe to HARO. It's free and you get multiple request for comments a day. Easy way to get more SEO (quality backlinks) and traffic. And also up your credibility!

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    @dagorenouf Agreed completely - HARO can be a great source to increase SEO, but it's also very noisy. I spent a couple months looking for a good fit for a project of mine, and when I did find a matching request, it was frequently too late for the reporter. Journalists are on very tight deadlines. In fact, HARO recommends responding within a couple hours.

    After slogging through the HARO emails 3 times per day for a couple months, I eventually started ignoring them. And then I unsubscribed altogether. It was just too much noise.

    I haven't given up on responding to HARO requests or #journorequests. I decided to make it a little better and built a service to alert me only when relevant requests were posted.

    You can try Help A Source and get summary emails, too. Sign up for HARO, but use Help A Source to find the useful requests.

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      That's really cool. I did give up on HARO too, after sending ~5 responses. Was taking too much time for zero return on investment. Help a source seems useful 👍

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