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Hey friends,

I'm taking a lesson from Courtland's playbook. I've spent the last few months researching markets and found myself drawn to the creator economy.

I'm starting a podcast/newsletter that features stories about how creators and artists are making a living.

The Backstory

Before I got into design and development, I was a musician. I never saw a path to build a career in music, so I gave up and got into tech.

I'm inspired by the great work Courtland and the team here is doing and want to create resources for writers, musicians, designers, videographers, etc.

The passion (creator) economy is booming! It's easier than ever for a creator to get started, but sustaining is more difficult.

Free platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Medium, and Spotify are helping creators build audiences and get paid to do what they love.

Savvy creators are building relationships with their fans directly, diversifying their income, and building real businesses.

My goal is to help creators make a living online by sharing industry trends, tools, and stories.

Follow Along

If you're interested in following along, you can subscribe, here - IndieCreators.

And, if you'd like to share your story, email me at [email protected].

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    Nice focus, you will interview success indie creators ? I know a few who would like to suceed in music so they will probably interested about your website and comunity !

    1. 1

      Thanks so much! Yes, I'll be looking for indie creators who are making a living doing what they love.

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