March 6, 2019

Indie Hackers Chiang Mai, Thailand

Nathan Broadbent @ndbroadbent

We're having another meetup in Chiang Mai, Thailand on March 26. Feel free to join the FB group and come along to the meetup:

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    Thanks so much for blazing the trail with this movement in SE Asia! Props, on setting dates in advance.

  2. 1

    The air quality in CM actually got really bad due to some forest fires, plus the regular burning season. So I'm going to cancel our March meetup, and I'll be going down to the south of Thailand for a few weeks. But will have another meetup in April once the smoke has cleared up!

  3. 1

    Should be there in June, so hopefully I’ll make that one! Good call setting dates for the event so far in the future 👍🏼

  4. 1

    In Bangkok currently :( But might pass by CMX!

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