Indie Hackers continues to impress

I remember when I first saw this community pop up years ago....SO impressed with the support and quality of people who hang out.

Looking to help out in any way I can and support all the startups.

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    @noahkagan I agree with you, 100%. I can't express how useful Indi hacker community has been in helping me build my product ruttl.

    The support and experiences of people have helped me to develop new ways of critiquing and improving my product to the best version.

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    Yes, community here is awesome. I've been visiting this website almost daily for over a year now and I've learned so much from people here. I was just a lurker before but now, after I launched my first product, I decided to be more active any maybe my experiences can also help someone.

    And thanks for the offer, that's really generous of you. Many of us here are just starting out, creating our first products, we are struggling with everything and I believe your knowledge can really help us a lot.

    As I said, I've launched my first product yesterday, it's a platform for launching new products and services, there is just a landing page right now but MVP should be ready somewhere next week. You can check it out at https://www.thisismylaunch.com/ I would really appreciate if you could give me a feedback, it would mean a lot. Thanks. :)

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      Hey Justshowup

      I like the concept of helping people launch.

      Main observation on your site is including some success stories or the results I'll get from using your service.

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    Well said Noah. I just found out about this website a couple of months ago. Quite electrifying when it comes to advice for product launches.

    Great asset for everyone to utilize!

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      Definitely agree George!

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