Indie Hackers CT Meetup #4

We hosted our fourth Indie Hackers Cape Town meetup on Tuesday evening. 36 RSVPs, 19 headcount. We unConferenced and used dot voting to come up with topics. Super interesting topics came up for discussion:

  1. Managing emotions and accountability as a solo founder
  2. How many products to work on at once
  3. Product development (Finding the right ideas and the right people)
  4. When to quit your day job

We allowed a window for networking, drinks and pizza after topic discussion. The format continues to work super well for the Cape Town meetup!

Shoutout to @johnonolan of Ghost, @robhope of Yo! and @marcperel of Thought Train!


  1. 3

    I love this picture! I want to visit the Cape Town meetup.

    1. 1

      Would be amazing to have you over Cloey! Let me know if you ever plan on coming down to Cape Town!

  2. 2

    Great conversations went down - thanks for having us!

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