"Indie hackers" is overwhelming

I am not sure about other guys here but I have found this site overwhelming. I know this is so useful community. People are so nice but seem like either I do not know how to use it or it shows me a bunch of unrelated content. No offense to site maker, In any case, this is a great community but as a new user, I have found it hard to understand and use it ( so many posts/groups / etcc..). I would appreciate if somebody can point me in the right direction.
These are the things that I have found so far

  1. Hard to discover groups ( so many groups - some of the groups are a subset of another group but it still has a separate group. Which one should I join? )
  2. Its hard to get replies on the post( I might be doing something wrong here :D )
  3. Sometimes I don't know where to post.Are there any rules for each group? Even I am not sure if this post is going to the right group.

Please note this is not a post to trash the site. I love this site. I am just trying to find how to use it properly.
Please help.

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    Great to have you here JC!

    I'm by no means a veteran, expert Indie Hackers but here are some general tips for you:

    • Start with replying to existing posts and comments. Get a feel of the community!
    • Focus on giving value to the community. Run into something cool? Do you think it'd be helpful to other Indie Hackers? Make a post about it! Of course, be concise about why it'd help others. Posts like these get tons of interactions.
    • I find groups aren't SUPER important when posting or browsing. I mostly ignore them atm and have had no problems so far. It even seems like you can create posts without a group associated and IH will automatically assign a group to it (correct me on this one if I'm wrong!).

    I would make this list longer but I'm on a tight schedule atm. Hope you found these helpful!

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      Thank you @tyherox. This is definitely helpful.

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        Yes, I would definitely say what you post is probably more important than the group you are posting to.

        Depends on what you are posting, but if you are asking a question it really helps to give as much context as possible so that people and to also think carefully about the title you use. You want to pull in the right kind of people to help you and things like titles are so important for that.

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          Thank you @rosiesherry for your response. I appreciate it.

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        Glad to be of assistance!

        Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions :)

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