Indie hackers, what's your current full-time or part-time job?

I work as a 'Design Consultant' for a healthcare benefits startup. I love how I can come to Indie Hackers, get exposed to ideas/practices that can help me in my daily job in my process of thinking and in terms of just taking care of myself. Still hard to implement some things learned through IH but gives me insights of how to work better!

Do you find that as well for youself??

Very interested to hear what you guys are doing when you aren't 'indiehacking'!

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    I work as a web developer consultant for an enterprise corporation (full time) and a startup (part time)

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    I do analytics consulting/implementation for startups

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    I work in astronomy and space outreach and education. I do lectures, guided tours of astronomical facilities or exhibitions, observing sessions of the sky, and so on.

    Well, that's what I did up to the pandemic. We'll see.

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      wow awesome. is it common for friends to ask you about UFO's? lol

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        My friends know better than asking me about UFOs 😂

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    ...I work for H&M, for 8 years already, since I moved to the Åland Islands...

    Before I had my own restaurant back in Spain and I was also a sea life saver, like baywatch but down to earth and with tacky equipment....

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      I used to work for Banana Republic. I hated when people tried on dress shirts bc i had to replace the collar crap and all that...lol

      lol to the baywatch comment...

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        Oh man...lucky we dont have that 😂

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    My title is Principal Product Manager aka "Shit Magnet".

    I lead all of the Product Managers at a very large UK enterprise company.

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      Wouldn't that more properly be "Shite Magnet"?

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      LOL i almost spit out my water...cool! when i think of product managers, i think of...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8OnoxKotPQ&feature=youtu.be

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    Director of Strategic Initiatives for a school district. Once those initiatives were around finance and personnel, now 100% COVID-related.

    Tech has been a hobby forever so finally decided to take one of my ideas to market. Doing things from entirely different domains keeps my Gemini brain happy.

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    I work at a fintech startup, and do Deltabadger after hours. I track my work screen time with Timeular. Last month, I hit 240h. Nothing to brag about (but I did it anyway). At some point, you need to choose. It's ideal to switch smoothly without loosing your income, but I don't think it's always possible. It's hard to achieve enough progress without going all-in.

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      agreed. especially i think with certain personalities and mentalities. i like the badger logo :)

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        To be honest, it's not only about personality though. It's just a lot of work. Last month, I had an issue with email deliverability. I fixed it, but the amount of research, tests, DNS tweaks, etc. it demanded was crazy. Without paying attention, I could easily miss that I'm losing 15% of my customers. And this was just a "maintenance" work, to keep things going.

        PS Thanks. I like the logo too! ;)

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    I'm a journalist (non-native English speaker who works for an English publication), trying to fix a problem I encountered when writing in English.

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      what problem? and where are you from?

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    I work on an application to optimising dosing of therapeutic drugs. I love the industry and would love to collab with anyone else who is in the health care industry (preferably a non-developer who can give a different perspective than my own, which is as the developer, not the end user on the "front lines").

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      lmk if i can help in some way!

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    I am a full time bachelor student simultaneously working remotely on a startup:)

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    I kind of have a very broad job at a telecoms software company. My role is primarily support manager, but I also do software/web development, project management and technical sales engineer.

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      cool! dont know jack about telecom..but..my dad use to work for nortel?? lol

      took a look at the landing page for crashcatch...nice!

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        Glad you like it.🙂

        Where I work isn't a telecoms company as such like Nortel we just write the software and services and sell it to telecom providers.

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    I run customer success for the US Federal customers at VMware, specifically for the Tanzu business unit. It's fun!

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      cool?? i dont know what Tanzu is...lol

      I met the CEO of VMWARE in Beijing, he did a leadership development course..smart dude!

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        I’m a big fan of him, for sure. Tanzu is a Kubernetes-based app platform for large enterprises. We came to VMware as an acquisition last year...we used to be Pivotal.

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    Hi Jesse! I am currenlty FT at my project as I do not believe in plan B in general for my way of performing. I enjoy reading posts on IH, especially those that are less replied because their are probably more genuine too.

    As of now I am developing my site at PeerPull (Twitter meets Zoom for enterpreuners). Has been hectic but loving the feedback so far. Feel free to join and meet peers there too (attaching link to room)

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      Just took a look at PeerPull. Cool! So it is basically an event every week for entrepreneurs to get to meet other entrepreneurs on zoom? What's the 'twitter function of it'?

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        Yes! We aim at creating a pool of entrepreneurs who want to connect on different rooms based on their interests. We say twitter feed because the way you discover a room resemble the same way you usually browse on Twitter :)

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    "Design Consultant" aka "Explainer of complex stuff" aka "form filler but also conversation maker"

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      That was my first question. If a "Design Consultant" actually does designs with Photoshop or Illustrator.

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        lol no design at all. i wish. actually better name would just be 'sales'

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