Newsletter Crew June 30, 2020

Indie Newsletter Meetup with Andrew Kamphey

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Hey everyone,

We're hosting a a new online Indie meetup.

This time it's on the topic of newsletters with myself and and @andrewkamphey hosting.

These events are intentionally small and not recorded. Come along and let us geek out on all things newsletters.

When: Thursday July 2nd at 9am London time.

👉 Book your slot. 👈

  1. 2

    Hi Rosie! I'm gonna try to make it but it is 4am here - if it starts to fill up please let me know and I can give my spot to someone else. I certainly don't want you to be sad if I can't make it! 😸

    1. 1

      Glad you made it in ninja style, lol. :)

      1. 1

        Haha one of these days I will show my face! This was such a valuable meetup. All of your events, truly, have been spectacular.

        After the meetup, I decided I'd love to be in the newsletter writer's corner, more than any others right now. What a helpful, friendly bunch! :D

        I'm not even sure how I heard about this event, but @AndrewKamphey and everyone else who contributed, THANK YOU!

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    I’d love to hear how this meetup was received? I couldn’t be present but would like to be at a future one. What was the general theme of the meeting and what topics were discussed?

    1. 2

      It was good!

      Proof it happened.

      Good conversations were had, here's a Google Doc with notes.

      Hopefully we can mix up some different times in the future, what would work for you?

  3. 1

    Have fun. 1am PST won't work for me - but I hope it goes great!

    1. 1

      That said, I'd be happy to host one if there is interest - probably more like 11am PST :)

  4. 1

    Plus one on the tough time slot for me (EDT). Would definitely attend if it was even a few hours later :)

  5. 1

    tough time for me! doh! enjoy!

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    If your intention is to attract a global audience for this event, the time choice is wrong. Assuming this is an English speaking event, you've just excluded the majority of the English speaking world. 9 am in London is 4 am in NY and 1 am on the west coast.

    1. 2

      I chose the only time that was available that Andrew and I could make it at, it is hard to coordinate these things.

      It doesn't need a lot of people to make it worthwhile, and in future we'll do different times. The other meetups I've been doing have been at 8/9pm London time, we get requests for other times for those too. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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