Indie Women Monthly Roundup — 1

This is the first of hopefully many monthly round-ups focused on indie women.

I'm here to give women more visibility on what we are working on. 💪

Feel free to drop in with comments, questions or if you are an indie women, let us know something interesting!

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What have indie women celebrated?

What are indie women working on?

  • Halimah is working on Koody a place where you can ask questions about money and personal finance and receive answers from verified financial experts and the general public.
  • Sam is working on Readerie. Her vision is to build a space where those who love reading feel welcome.
  • Rae is working on POW! — the privacy-first menstrual cycle journal, she's at almost 50 customers! ✪
  • Blanka Szabo is working on Polka Dot Tiger a SEO tool that lets you run A/B tests for your metadata.
  • Soumaya Harbaoui is working designing products, services, and environments that change behaviors at Spinel Lab.
  • Camilla Montonen is working on several improvements to the colour search engine lipcolourmatch.com 💋
  • Etiene is working on Polygloss, a game that helps you communicate and express yourself in another language.
  • Nivi Achanta is working on Soapbox Project. It's a media platform for busy zillennials to get bite-sized action plans on social causes they care about.
  • Namwa is working on ICanNowCode a project for self-taught devs (including bootcamp grad but don't have a CS degree) to list their profiles and show off their works.
  • Portia Burton is working on redesigning her website and working on a content calendar that she can actually follow
  • Sameera Vanekar is working on Pathfix, an integration platform for developers. They enable native integrations across multiple providers, almost instantly.
  • Teodora Dobre is working on ThreadOK, a product for Twitter.
  • Basak Anil is working on MVP#2 of her product, Apparent, a listening-based stress-reduction and learning platform for mindful parenting.  She's also working on her free newsletter The Apparent Letter, a weekly letter that nurtures your inner parent with ideas from mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience.
  • Steph Smith is on a new scholarship series! In 2021, she'll be giving away 12 scholarships in 12 months through the AMPLIFY scholarship series. Yep, scholarships, not startups.

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    Thanks for highlighting all the great stuff that these inspiring women are doing! Awesome.

    1. 1

      I should’ve highlighted your stuff too...I’m working on improving my process. 😍

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        Haha. All good ♥️

  2. 1

    Thanks @rosiesherry! :) I love seeing all this togheter.

    I feel that all the products highlighted here have a lot of work behind them.

  3. 1

    Inspiring! Just signed up for one of the seshs.

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    I get so happy seeing everyone's progress <3

  5. 1

    Thanks @rosiesherry for putting all this together!

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    Inspiring ! Thanks for sharing Rosie

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