Indie Women May 29, 2020

Indie Women Online Meet #2

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Next week we'll be holding our 2nd Indie Women Meetup.

It will be on Thursday June 4th at 8pm London time.

Maximum of 12 people on the call.

You can submit things to discuss before hand or on the day.

Book your slot here, please only book if you can attend:

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    Everybody attending tomorrow's meet (#2) and @rosiesherry : I just got scheduled into a conflict and can't attend :-(

    I was supposed to facilitate but won't be there. Who would like to facilitate?


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      Oops, only seeing your comment now Kirsten!
      We missed you!

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        Thanks, Zviko :-) I wish I could have been there! Next time.

        Hope everybody had a great meet. Is anybody doing a write-up or anything like that?

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          I took notes so I’ll write a short summary sometime in the coming week :)

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      I can do it. I got a good Notion process going at the community building meetup I did. 👍

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        Thank you! I'm sorry I'll miss it :( Pour one for me!

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    Very cool! Have you considered doing rotating time zones for various meetups? So that people, no matter their timezone, can make at least 1 in 3 or 4 meetups?

    Asking for myself (as 8pm London is 3am Singapore for me! 😅) but I think it might benefit others too?

    Also understand that this is new, and you might want to keep it simple for now. Which is fine too! 😄

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    Sounds great! I've registered and I'm looking forward to it 💃

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    damn. I missed this again!

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    Exciting! :)

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    Signed up and looking forward to this! Thanks for organising this, @rosiesherry!

    Was wondering if you'd also be willing to test out our new product, MeetButter (, for your next meetup? We've developed it to help manage meeting flows and encourage interactivity. :) If it looks like something that might be relevant, just give me a ping at [email protected]. Happy to give you a walk-through!

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    Great idea

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    oh cool thanks. Btw, I'm new here - how do we direct message people or just ask someone a question if there is no post like this?

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      There's no DMing option here, not yet anyways. Best bet is to tag people in on posts, or to find their Twitter or email in their profile (if they share it).

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        Ah, that's helpful thanks :) so if tomorrow I wanted to ask you a question about something how would I do that? go on my profile page and make a new post with my question and tag you?

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          If it's for me directly, maybe drop me an email? (it's on my profile).

          If it's for community in general, a post would be better.

          Hopefully we'll get DMs here on IH one day soon!

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    PS. I'm setting up a Notion for all the meetups we are doing. I used it last night to facilitate a meetup for Community Builders and it worked well.

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      Hey Rosie, wasn't sure where to post this but:
      I'd like to step out of my mostly-male "echo chamber" and attend a women founders meetup like this as a fly on the wall. But seeing how spots are limited I don't want to take anyone's spot, and also not even sure if you are against non-women attending.

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        These ones are for women only, but I'll raise the topic at our next meet to see how we can address this.

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          Thank you!!