Indie Women Party — First Thursday of every month.

Indie Women have declared the need for a monthly party on the first Thursday of every month! 🎉

In this event, we hope you will:

🤝 Meet other indie women
💡 Grow your network
🚀 Have a blast!

Using icebreaker.video we’ll do a few rounds of 1-on-1 conversations until you’ve met a bunch of amazing indie women.

Bring your own drinks! 🥛🍺☕️🥂🍹🥤🍾

Save your spot, next one is on Thursday 3rd of December: https://calendly.com/rosiesherry/indie-women-party?month=2020-12

  1. 2

    lovely idea Rosie :) thanks for organising!
    See you on the 3rd of Dec.

  2. 2

    Love this! Just signed up!

  3. 2

    It'll be 7am for me but I'll make sure to add a little something special to my coffee ;)

  4. 2

    That sounds awesome ! just signed up 💃

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