Indie Women Wednesdays — Accountability Meetups

Hey Indie Women,

We're starting regular accountability meetup sessions for Indie Women.

Every two weeks on a Wednesday we will meet up for an hour at 11am or 8pm London time.

We have one hour. It's not recorded.

It's an opportunity to get to know one another, share what we working on, and also look for help.

You can book here:

I will always post updates about events here, if you want to get notified please subscribe. 🙏

PS. We also have an Indie Women Slack, come join us!

  1. 2

    great opportunity, it's always a nice meetup that motivates me :)

  2. 1

    Hello Rosie, for some unknown and very frustrating reason, the calendarly link does not seem to work for me, could you send me the meet-up link ot something. I would love to join the next session !
    Thank you in advance

    1. 1

      Sure, I've just DM'd it to you on Twitter.

      What wasn't working with Calendly?

  3. 1

    Looking forward to this!

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