IndieHackers Discord ? Please Upvote

It would be great to have discord channel for IndieHackers.

May be @csallen can help setup this.

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    For now there is a telegram by makerlog that is active and has some great people in!

    If you join @ me :)

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      I personally would prefer discord for these kind of community things - but are you willing to share the group details?

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        there is a discord https://discord.gg/mDv5k6

        I prefer discord as well

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          Can you resend this?

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    I was about to post the same thing. With all the many groups we have now - it's hard stay on top of things. Would really help to reach out to people.

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    An official discord/Slack/etc IH channel elsewhere isn't going to happen, feel free to join or recommend others though!

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      Could you expand on this? It would really help to keep in touch and have a better overview of the community. The current implementation of groups make that quite hard IMO.

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        No problem having other similar aligned communities using different tech and if they exist please feel free to share.

        There have been a number of unoffical IH groups appear and then disappear fairly quickly.

        It takes a huge amount of effort to set up any new channel, we need to focus and invest in what we have to make it more useful. Some prefer Slack, Discord, others Telegram...it ends up becoming overwhelming to manage.

        Groups are relatively new (around 6 months old) and have made a real positive impact to the community. All the content is open too, which makes it super easy for anyone to find, use and learn from.

        The more we see people actually using what we build then the more we can justify building out new features.

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          Thanks for the explanation. I can totally understand focusing on the one thing. And while I agree that the groups add something to the community, they are also taking something away. That is the unity of a single community. Maybe one reason a chat feels missing.
          I do believe the interactivity and the socializing on chat could help to further strengthen the community. It would probably also help with content discoverability. But if there is no plan - there is no plan :)
          Thanks for the reply!

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    What about Guilded? Better version of Discord

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      What's the issue with Discord ?

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        Has more features

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