Landing Page Feedback February 26, 2020

🤜🤛 IndiePairs - Landing feedback

Arnaud Joubay @sowenjub

Hopefully, the landing says it all so I won't say anything here about it 😄


Is it clear what the service is about? Does the FAQ address your questions?

The waitlist is open, and I'd also be interested in your feedback regarding the form.

Of course, I'm also very curious to hear what you have to say about the service itself!

Thanks 🙏

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    Your landing page catches attention right away, explains everything in detail in a clear language, well done! Just signed up.

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      Thanks a lot Martin!

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    I like the idea. Just signed up, so good luck!

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    nice design, but the website is not ssl and with a cheap tld (.club). That could impact the signup rate
    good luck

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      Thanks for the feedback, I got the .com and was really wondering about that.
      Also, just fixed the SSL, I forgot to force it.

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    Love this idea :) Looks like Lunch Club for online.

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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      Thanks! Regarding the logo, I don't have any plans at the moment, I kind of like the simplicity of the 2 emojis. But just in case you can send me a portfolio (here or via Twitter DM) and I'll keep that around if I change my mind.