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Individual or brand twitter account to use?

Abinaya from Remote Leaf @abinaya

I've two twitter accounts I manage for

Should I use my user account or brand twitter account to talk to my users, announcements, cold pitching and stuff like that?

Please advise!

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    I am not the best person to talk about building a personal brand since my Twitter profile is basically an avatar of a dude on the beach somewhere in East Asia with their back named "Sky".

    However, what I do know is that people on Twitter like to engage with other individuals and if you want to make long-lasting connections, I would go for a personal profile.

    Reaching out to your users from your individual profile makes the communication more open and personal - people notice those things.

    There are only a handful of big brands that have their founders using personal profiles without interference from their PR teams - talking about the things they are working on, answering other people's questions or even showing what they are wearing.

    You can still do announcements from your personal profile and have them retweeted from your brand profile. But anything more personal like talking to someone directly or cold pitching - I would do it from personal one (even if that was under a pen name).

    So yeah, even if building a personal brand is not your thing, I would still go personal for the "wow" factor :)

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      Thank you so much for the feedback. I agree!

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    Brand, 100%.

    Unless of course your product is built on a cult of personality..... 😉

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      Great, do you have any reasons for choosing Brand than personal profile.

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        Yes. You need to build up the brand, which may just be you for now, but will be more than just you when you scale. Brand recognition is huge, so I would take every opportunity to build and promote it that I could.

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    I think one of the coolest things as an indiehacker is the ability to stay personal and not to be some anonymous company. I decided to start on twitter with a personal account because that's what I prefer seeing from others as well. I just don't want to create yet another company marketing account.

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      great, thanks for the feedback.

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    I would use your brand account to tweet out brand-related things such as announcements and talking to users specifically about your product - otherwise why even have a brand account? And just because it's a brand doesn't mean that you can't still be personal with your tweets :)

    If you'd like, you could always retweet those announcements with your personal account since it seems like you have more followers there. But I'd imagine that people following your personal account would want to hear about more things than just the one product you're working on.

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    I have both my personal account and a brand account.

    I retweet selected post from the brand account. My personal tweets are simply my thoughts at the moment (no effort), the brand posts are intended to be useful tips - it takes a bit off effort to write them.

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      That's cool. I'll check it out.

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