Money June 30, 2020

Indoor Plants: A $1.7B Industry. Here's how I'd start a D2C business around it.

Simon P @simonblogs
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    So... ever the cynic...

    If you know how to start a successful business in this industry, and you know how to start a 700k subscriber YouTube channel, why haven't you done it?

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      Ever the cynic indeed!

      Might be worth while reading it before though.

      I didn't say I know how, I said this is how I'd do it. And the YouTube tutorial is not my own - just sharing someone else's resource.

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      Hahaha because it is easy to talk and hard to execute ;-)

      Also, I WFH and I love it, but let me start with a desk LOL will be a while before I see any plants. The judges on shark tank say if you ever come up saying "thing X is a $nB industry" it is a bad sign. It does not mean you can tap into any of it and makes you seem like you don't know what you are talking about. With 700K subs would surely be posting this in that channel.

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    I think this is super interesting @simonblogs! I discovered today your blog thanks to @andreabosin.

    You did a good review about the industry and you detected some things I did as well!

    A good business opportunity is to move nurseries online for sure! there a big niche as well (private sellers). Every time this is more common.

    A few months ago I started to build which is a worldwide community for houseplant lovers where people can discover new plants that can keep alive, find similar plants, recommended shops and more!

    I'd love to have feedback from you since you analyzed the market!

    PS: I gain a new user!

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      Thanks to who? 😭

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        couldn't find you name haha 😆

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      Thanks! I actually linked to your site in a previous (very early) edition of my newsletter. It was another post about the WFH trend.

      I love plants + all things green, so I love your website. Super cool.

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        owww, what a good news! I didn't know or at least I don't remember it!

        May I have the link? As I told you I liked that article. I'm seeking to read more.

        Well done!

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    Super interesting.

    I wonder how a peer to peer marketplace would work for something like this.

    Maybe the marketplace allows users to sell their own seeds they grew, or pots / vases / decor they built for the plants, or sell their very own fully grown indoor plant (no idea how that works with shipping)

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      I'm sure it works really well.

      I think there's still a lot of industries that can grow. Plants (it's a massive industry), things related to yoga, mindfulness, awareness, mental health, etc.

      I believe a lot of companies will come up with the next years in order to improve these areas.

      In addition, I'm developing a community for people who love plants! It's still on an early stage. I believe a lot of people want plants and they don't know what to get. Some people might be black-thumbs as well (can't keep a plant alive).

      This is why I started You can choose a plant by the way it looks being sure you'll be able to keep it happy.

      I hope you like it!

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    I like this format! It reminds me of my own newsletter 🙂

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      Drop a link!