Infopreneurship to SaaS?

Hello everyone,

I have a blog for several years now (which I monetize by selling training courses). I am currently thinking about new ways to monetize it.
I thought about offering a kind of SaaS service in addition to the information that can be found through my articles.

Does anyone with a blog already tested this? I mean beginning from infopreneurship activity to SaaS service ?

Thank you for your feedbacks ! :)

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    I'm not sure to understand your request, which kind of saas?
    On example to monetize a blog is a payed newsletter, maybe I'm missing the point here

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      I think you're on the right track. It sounds like the OP is looking for any methods currently used to monetize a blog with a SaaS. Your newsletter seems like the perfect next step or some tool/calculator that their audience would benefit from. I'm thinking ala-biggerpockets.com

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    Ben Thompson has done this with Stratechery (https://stratechery.com/). He's been a guest on some interesting podcasts (can't remember which ones, but search his name in the podcast charts) where he talks about his business model etc.

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