Landing Page Feedback March 24, 2019

Initial Feedback on Fixture

Matthew Smith @madoublet

I am looking for some early feedback on my side project -

Fixture is a website builder that allows you to build and manage your website in your own AWS bucket. Fixture produces faster websites, costs less, and gives you more control compared to other popular website builders.

That is the elevator pitch. I am looking for feedback on the site design, pricing, and market fit for Fixture. Is this a product you would consider when compared to the bigger site builders (Wix, SquareSpace, Wordpress, etc.)? Am I adequately explaining the benefits? What am I missing?


Thank you in advance, Matt

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    I like the idea, and was able to work out what you were offering very quickly from the landing page blurb, which I appreciate (i.e. you’re not wasting the reader’s time).

    I didn’t find a pricing page though, and on mobile (iPhone SE) the width of the fields in the email form is wider than the page, so there’s some horizontal scrolling.

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      Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback! It was very helpful. Per your feedback, I added a link to the pricing below the primary call to action buttons to call more attention to it. It was previously in the menu, but that was not visible on the mobile version of the site. I also adjusted the CSS to work better on the iPhone SE.

      Thank you again! - Matt

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        Ah, I hadn't checked the menu - sorry! I was on mobile and just looked through the landing page and footer. Looks good (including the CSS for the width).

        $4/month feels cheap, and perhaps hard for you to make it sustainable, so I'd consider adding a higher-priced plan. It might add a bit of complexity and you'd have to consider what features would be added or removed, so you'd need to weigh up whether it'd be worth it.

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          That is a good point. I have really struggled with pricing. It feels like $9-12 is the going rate for a website as a service business. However, I share a lot of these costs with the user because they are using their own AWS account to host the site. But, your "sustainable" comment gave me pause. I will need to think through that some more. Thank you again!

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