October 21, 2019

InkSpot - Connect with tattoo artists visiting your city

Alex Furman @alexfur

Hey everyone

I got my first tattoo from a foreign artist working a guest spot at one of the tattoo shops in my city. Since then, I've always wanted a way to find out when guest artists are visiting my city. I think it's a great way to be exposed to different styles and artists without having to go traveling. The problem is that manually following and monitoring all my local tattoo shops on social media is a really tedious way of checking for guest artists.

So, I built InkSpot to solve the problem. Type in any city and it'll give you a list of guest artists announced for that city.

Check it out at https://inkspot.app/

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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    I dig this. I built something kinda similar a year or so ago. It was a map of tattoo artists (specifically American traditional tattoo artists). The point of the website was to find artists while traveling.

    How do you plan to filter out the false positives?

    1. 2

      Hey, thanks for the comment :). Your idea sounds awesome - is it still online? And what inspired you to make that?

      Regarding false positives: I'm thinking a mix of additional heuristics as well as some NLP at some point.

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        Its not online anymore. I built it because I wanted to finish my sleeve by traveling to around to different artists. I stopped working on it because I decided to just stick with one artist.

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          I see. Did you ever consider ways of turning it into more of a product than a small tool? And did you find a bunch of people were interested in it while you were building it?

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            At the time I didn’t even really understand the difference between a product and a tool. I thought you just build something and then eventually thousands of people will start using it!

            Have you found people interested in this? Any plans for growing it?

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              I've found a bunch of people who think it's really cool and identify with the problem, but not many who would actually use it regularly (at least not without modifying a few things).

              As for growth plans, I'm feeling like this tool is mostly an indicator that there are some problems in the tattoo community that software can help with. So I'd like to connect with people in the tattoo community and take it from there.

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                Sounds awesome man. Keep up the good work I’ll be following!

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