October 21, 2019

Inspiration/tools/tip required for creating promo images

Rikki Pitt @rikki

Hi folks,

How do you create your screenshots for your products? I always find it difficult to produce nice imagery for the products that I build. The sort of images I mean are the ones you'd use to share on social media, adverts or on your homepage.

Rather than just taking a screenshot of a webpage, how do you decide where to crop and what background to place things on? Do you design "fake" representations of your UI rather than screengrabs?

I'd really appreciate help finding some resources that make the process easy and produce great results.

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    As a consumer of software tools I prefer to see the important elements of your app, and anything that might set it apart from others

    I do think it's worthwhile showing it "in situ" so superimposed on a device, as it gives it context, and if nothing else, scale!