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Integrate new Stripe with Django? Help needed..

Landon Roddenberry @LandonR

Hey guys, I'm having some real hang-ups trying to integrate stripe with my SaaS app (built on django). I've read through the docs several times now and I'm still pretty lost.

Every tutorial I find is very outdated, so those are no help.

I'd like to use the pre-build, stripe-hosted checkout form. Also, I only have one subscription plan to work with so it should be pretty simple.

Any Ideas where to find help / can you help?

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    Hi Landon,

    I just published a Guide to Integrating Django and Stripe. It covers a more complex setup than yours, but hopefully lots of the material translates.

    Happy to answer any questions if you still have any!

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      Hey thanks brother! Just looked at it and I’ll definitely be using it🤙. Thank you so much for doing that 🙏🙏🙏

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    creating session on the server and then running stripe.redirectToCheckout on the client should do that, it just needs the stripe checkout.js script to be included in the Html file.

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      Thank you man, I finally figured it out today 😊🤙

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        Hey Landon, I think I'm in the same spot as you a couple of months ago. Could you point me to any resources that helped you figure this out? Thank you!

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          Hey brother! So I was able to figure it out, but only with the slightly older version of stripe. I'll send you some links that really helped me -- you have an email i can send it to?

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            Hey there! Thanks so much for your response. My email is [email protected]. Thanks again! I really appreciate it!

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              sorry for the late reply - just sent you and email with instructions! hope it helps!

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    The python library for Stripe is pretty straight forward. Whats causing your hangup?

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      I agree, I'm just an inexperienced developer. I think I'm getting stuck with the javascript that it requires. Creating the session in python makes sense, but then all of a sudden it requires random js.. do they go in their own file? or the html templates?

      Also, the examples that stripe links to on github include a lot more than the doc say you need... so i kinda get lost in the weeds..

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