Interactive Cold Emails

Has anyone tried Interactive Cold Emails?

Thinking about running this line in one of my campaigns.

Subject: TBD

Hey Brian, I noticed you are using LiveChat on example.com for support.

I guarantee I can reduce your support time by 50% by adding screen share to LiveChat.

Can I show you a demo? Yes or No

Would you lick yes or no?

PS: I dare you to click no. Haha

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    Biggest challenge with these type of emails is getting sent to SPAM because of all the links you're sending. It's always worth a shot to experiment though

    1. 1

      Agreed! Any cold email with a YouTube link typically goes to spam.

    2. 1

      I agree. I am going to give it a try and see what happens.

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    The call to action needs to bring up your Live Chat or at least your Calendar Link. I mean, if "YES" launched a browser with your live chat running and they can talk to you NOW that is powerful. A link to your generic website, not so powerful.

    Also, if you'd rather have a ContactLink instead of a Calendar link, so they have the option to video call you NOW or leave a video message, in addition to scheduling an appointment.... call me... https://contactlink.to/jesse.hercules

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      Jesse, have you tried this strategy?

      Also, the example above was just an example. haha

      I have a Calendly link on our site for scheduling. I like to use the site versus Calendly that way I can retarget with Ads.

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        Spencer, I have sent out short emails to our lists asking for a demo, but I have not done the formatting to make it like a web-form.

        I think you're onto something here, instead of a call to action it's just ... click to answer a question. The action is taken without the psychological effort. I like it.

        If you want to send them to your site, suggest not sending them to the homepage, but to a specific landing page that features your Calendly embedded in your page. So you set the cookies and get them scheduling an appointment all in one.

        1. 1

          Also, watch out for spelling, I think you have "click" misspelled as "lick" in your post which really changes the meaning..

          1. 1

            I'm glad someone mentioned the "lick".

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