April 18, 2019

Interested in space? I built the Indie Hackers for space founders 🚀

Sarwech @sarwech

Hey, I'm back!

I recently launched Space Bandits, a place to read stories from the founders of space startups.

I'm excited about our future in space and started this to highlight who's doing what to actually help us become multi-planetary. Since I soft launched less than a week ago, the websites received over 1k users/1.2k sessions and 50+ subscribers.

If you're a space nerd or just interested in our future on the Moon and Mars, I'm keen to know your thoughts!

  • What do you think of the interviews?
  • How do you feel about the design/current UX?
  • How would you improve Space Bandits?



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    This has gotten me curious about what space startups exist. I think of NASA and Elon Musk when I think of space...it strikes me as a market where you need lots of money to do anything with. Perhaps you can show us otherwise :)

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      That's exactly what I used to think as well! The private space sector has so much diversity and it's growing fast. I hope I can highlight the amazing work being done and opportunities that exist!

      Plus, like you said, it does seem like you need huge amounts of funding but actually, 3 of the 9 businesses on there were started with minimal funding. 2 of them could actually be done by anyone and you don't necessarily need to be "in" the industry. I'm certainly not!

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    On your idea: I love the idea, to be honest. I didn't know I was interested in the space industry until I saw this. Really cool.

    On the design: the cards look really out of place. The border-radius is really big(try 7px instead of 15px), and the color at the bottom of the card is lighter and pops more than the header and footer. It grabs my attention in the wrong way.

    I do like the animation on filtering, it does take a little longer than I would expect the results to appear but I do like it.

    I really like the interviews. Keep up the work and maybe get some inspo from designers on uplabs and dribbble.

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      Man, thanks for the feedback! I hope by sharing these stories that it not only gets more people excited about space but also more entrepreneurs entering the industry. This is what I envision to be the catalyst for becoming a spacefaring species.

      I'm always looking to improve the design and dribbble has been a great source of inspiration. It's come a long way from where it was but I know I'm just starting, so truly appreciate your comments. Will make some changes now to the card style and animations.

      Do let me know if you think of more feedback! Thanks again.

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        You are on the right track - keep it up and great work so far.

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          Thanks dude!

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    This project looks interesting! I would focus on smaller companies/startups because just a few people know about them and probably their projects are most interesting and useful.

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      That's a great suggestion and something I'm focused on as well with most of the companies on there being around 1-20 in size. It's also easier with these to get responses from the founder in time.

      Are there specific startups you'd like to hear from?

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        Are there specific startups you'd like to hear from?
        To be honest, I don't know any. But I would like to know about any startups related to space - especially, again, there are not many of them, or we just don't know - because it's hard and not as rewarding as doing, say, one more tool for Instagram ;-)

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          Awesome, I hope I can help in that since then :) You'd be surprised how many of them there are. They're just not as well publicised as tech startups because it doesn't seem to be as easy to start one (like you said), but that's slowly changing as costs come down and opportunities rise.

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            Another point - what if your site would appeal not only space-related startups but also some gov/edu orgs/programs with grants, competitions, founding etc. to help them out?

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              Interesting, so do you mean feature interviews with grant making orgs or competitions?

              The focus currently is on startups because they're generally easier to find, questions can be consistent and it's easier to get in touch with the founder. But in future I'm looking at highlighting other efforts, too.

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                Interesting, so do you mean feature interviews with grant making orgs or competitions?
                Not interviews, but just information and updates from them - if you will share this data, the space-related startups will be interested to review your website, and, as a consequence, it will be more valuable for them -> will come to you.

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                  Thanks @Zencentric. For the moment, my focus is on space startups and I'm adding more info on them with a list. But I'll consider what kind of info I can provide about other orgs in the future.