November 25, 2019

Interesting blogs?


Hello, indiehackers, can you point me at some interesting blogs from tech founders? I'm interested to read blogs written NOT by

  • marketing people,
  • marketing founders,
  • founders of marketing/writing/design/nontech startups
  • investors.

I'm interested to look at the founders' blogs.
If you are a founder and consider your blog as "interesting" please reply.

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    Not sure what your gauge for interesting is but I humbly present my blog which I usually maintain when I'm living abroad (I'm a part-time digital nomad). Recently I've started to write a bit more about my SaaS (I'm a solo founder with a technical background). My blog can be found at

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      I didn't give more details on purpose to see if people are considering their blog as "interesting" in their sense. I will look at your blog, thanks!

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    I like Cory Zue's blog:

    He created several apps that earn healthy revenue, and he's transparent about his plans, strategy, and financials. He writes long-form blog posts and monthly retrospectives, both of which I think are great.

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      Interesting, I definitely would like to look at this blog. Thanks!

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    You should give signal v noise an opportunity (it's from the creator of ruby on rails, founder of Basecamp)

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      Thanks, will look at it!

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    Let me give you one blog I found recently (actually not me, but just some another indiehacker :)
    Pretty interesting: self-ironic + a lot of stats of their project.

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    Have a look at the weekly updates on marketing and technology by Steven Van Belleghem (on YouTube or podcast).

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      Cool, thanks, will look at it.

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    Does this meet your requirements?

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      Thanks for the link!
      But actually I'm more interested to look at founders' blogs that investors'.
      (Made change to the post).