October 9, 2019

Introduce Yourself (October 2019)

Are you new to the Indie Hackers community?

Or have you been lurking for a while without making a contribution?

This is your opportunity! It is never too late!

Let us know who you are and where you are on your journey as an indie hacker.

If you have any advice, feedback to offer or can find some kind of a connection with others posting in this thread, please jump in!

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    Meaningful 1:1 conversations. That is what I am working on that keeps me up at night and motivated as a part-time solo founder going on for about a year. My name is Nicholas, and I am the founder of https://www.confidist.com.

    I started this journey as a reaction to a deep depression a few years ago where I found myself losing good friends and seeking therapy. All to talk to someone who acted like they cared, or was at least getting paid to care. However, after that experience, I understood that humans crave connection, meaning, and credentials only go as far as our compassion.

    Over time I have expanded this platform from a focus on compassionate advice and essentially peer-to-peer therapy to a more general focus on meaningful conversation. This is something the majority of people are looking for in a deep and profound way that the internet has a great opportunity to facilitate.

    My goal is to continuously improve this platform to be as meaningful, compassionate, and expansive as possible without losing that culture as we scale.

    I would love to invite everyone here to come participate for free indefinitely with no advertising. And if you message me I am more than happy to evaluate and give feedback on what you are working on. Peace & Love -Nicholas

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      I wish you the best of luck for Confidist :) I really loved the idea.

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        Thanks so much! The best way to help is definitely participating. And let's connect sometime. I want to send my supporters a laptop sticker once I have them produced. :)

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    Hi all! Thanks Rosie for the opportunity :)

    My name is JP; I’m an ex-patent attorney from Australia who’s recently taken the plunge into the startup world as a first time founder. I have been a lurker for a while but I have learned a lot from the pods and the community.

    I’ve been working on a consulting-type model where I was using my software to help me provide services, but recently decided to go full SaaS route! I’m at a soft launch where I’m trying to generate leads and establish a user base.

    My startup business is a patent search engine and analytics platform, at https://www.hindsights.io :)

    Thanks and lovely to meet you all.


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      Hi JP,

      Nice meeting you. I used to work for Patsnap as an engineer, and got to know the patent world briefly. If you need any technical support about patent processing, please let me know.


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        Oh no way! Haha. PatSnap is pretty big these days afaik! Did you leave to work on your own thing?

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          sent a LinkedIn message to you, even though I am not quite sure if it were you:)

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      This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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    Hey all! 👏🏻

    My name is Alan Montgomery - I'm a Mobile Team Lead from Belfast in Northern Ireland. I lead a team building modern web applications using ReactJS/Redux. I specialise in Javascript/React and also PHP. I'm also a Data migration/transformation expert and I've migrated data from the most obscure sources into a normalised structured relational DB with millions of records, hundreds of tables (slowly coming away from this with more focus on the mobile stuff).

    I'm 25 years old and I have a beautiful 6 year old daughter, Grace and live with my partner Layla (who owns a handmade personalised frame business) 🎉

    My startups are TrackMyLift and Simple Board - Although I've been a bit absent lately on these due to full time work commitments and having a bit of a burn out as well as some personal things going on! So if you've noticed me being not-so-active on these, there's reasoning, but i'm pretty much fine now so will be getting back into the swing of things in terms of side projects very soon!

    I love Indie Hackers with a passion! Brilliant community with lots going on!!

    Looking forward to getting an insight into people here in this post!

    Catch me on twitter @ 93alan !

    -- Alan

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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Ogbonnaya. Yeah, everyone, has a hard time pronouncing it. I’m a software engineer and a co-founder of Ayulla Inc. One of our products is an AI-powered CRM for small businesses - Tapdesk CRM. We are also working on an incredible Learning Management System for higher institutions (still in prototype phase). Our team is driven by the unending effort to design and deploy software that promotes productivity and efficiency.

    If you have an interest in joining a team that’s building incredible products that change the way people work, you can always become part of our growing team. You can check out Tapdesk at https://tapdesk.io/

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    Hi everyone!

    I still consider myself new to the "scene" but it's been long enough that I am starting to understand the unlimited depth of the (wonderful) software world.

    Indiehackers seems to be just the right place for what I want to do: Develop a great piece of software that may (initially) have a narrow user group but sufficiently large to build a sustainable business on top. What I have seen here so far gives me much joy and I am hoping to connect with one or the other personally – as always in life: From there, anything goes.

    My background is in management (yes, I know...), specifically in the logistics industry. Please view this piece of information more as an add on, rather than a limitation of my interests ;-)

    Nice to meet you all and please feel free to drop me a message!

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    Hi Indie Hackers!

    My name is Ahmet. I am the co-founder of Millimetric.ai (https://www.millimetric.ai) and working for the product and marketing.

    In Millimetric.ai, we automatized the conventional data analysis process for digital marketers, e-commerce teams. You can connect your Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Amazon Advertising etc. accounts, and we are analysing your data and detect positive or negative anomalies. So you don't need to look for your data every day to see what is going wrong.

    Every feedback is appreciated :)

    Great to meet you all!


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    I'm Dave Getchel and still hacking away at stuff. Trying to keep my focus narrow and interesting.

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    Looking at my history, I joined IH before May 2018, but that was my first and until now last active interaction with this community.

    We're launching now our first real product ( Xatkit , an OSS flexible chatbot creation platform). This was obviously motivated us to go deeper into the IH community to learn as much as possible from all of you. And try to give back as well but not sure we're yet at the point where we can offer much advice :-)

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    Hi everyone, I'm not new but have not been active so I'd like to do this officially.

    I'm Joe, a self-taught engineer based in the Bay Area. I was an ex-architect, worked in art, and even worked in a restaurant during a tough time in NYC. I wound up getting a job as an engineer through my open-source project on Github.

    I've launched an unsuccessful chrome project called Subhuman and a Slack food bot with my beau that didn't take off as much as I'd like and had a cofounder bailed after a month. I think I've chosen to do something that's a bit out of our comfort zone, but it's really good learning.

    Recently we decided to fork the source code I wrote that does referral program for our user signups and looking to let anyone try it out. If you want to generate a referral link for your signup page dm me. See example here: https://cl.ly/462b644c1de4

    Thanks everyone and never give up.

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    Hi @all,

    my name is Thomas. I have studied physics and worked as a technical/IT consultant in finance.

    Now I am trying to dig deeper into software development and started my own projects.

    I am currently working on Turtle (https://turtle.community) which is a community around tools for software development and design.

    I am interested in web development (Angular mainly, but also trying to explore Vue), but I also like working with Rust, Postgres, or self hosting my apps (Nginx, Debian).


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    I'm Greg the founder of Saturn Funnels (https://saturnfunnels.com). This is a Marketing Automation for SaaS tool.

    I am now launching and looking for early-stage SaaS beta users?

    Let me know.

    My Best.

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      Hey Greg, we are facing the same problem and finding it difficult to find early adopters. Could you share any techniques that you're using? Thanks!

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    Someone once said:

    If you want something done right, let the experts do it, don't do it yourself!.

    Hey all,

    I'm Eli, founder of liv.RnD, an Israeli software development agency based on a group of freelancers, experts in various fields. We provide professional software services; web, mobile, enterprise solutions, hardware and much more.

    If you have a technical challenge you wish an expert would help you with, or If you're a freelancer looking to be a part of a growing community, pay us a visit here:


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    Hey IH

    I'm Ruslan, I created https://subzero.cloud (BaaS: GraphQL & Rest api for your database) and I am a core contributor to PostgREST .

    If you are more of a frontend developer and need to build an API for your mvp (or you just want it fast), let me now, I might build one for you!

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    Hey everyone,

    My name's Will, and I'm the marketing lead at Novo where we're building business banking for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. I was the first marketing hire at the company, so growth has been pretty wild to see and to be a part of.

    I'm most interested in learning about non-standard way Indie Hackers have acquired customers -- publicity stunts, creative marketing campaigns, etc.

    Second-most interested in finding early adopters for an early stage business banking platform (banknovo.com) -- we've been live for about a year now, but I'd love to see how users on Indie Hackers respond to the interface and customer experience.

    Excited to be a part of the community!


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    Hi, I'm a long time lurker and after seeing this posted today I thought it was finally a great time to create a profile.

    My name is Garrett. I am originally from Nashville, TN but I now live in Charleston, SC with my wife, 2 cats, and dog. I currently work at an agency located in Charleston called Krit where we focus predominately on web and mobile apps.

    So why am I here? Well, I'm also working on my second startup Bigwig, which is a web app focused on improving your experience in conducting market and customer research. My first go was Code Apprentice, a program where we matched high school students in nontraditional tech cities with engineers located all around the world. We found that the business model did not scale and decided to close shop this past May.

    Unfortunately, we do not yet have a landing page yet for Bigwig but once that happens I'll make sure to share it here!


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    I've been signed up to IndieHackers for a bit and frequent it here and there when linked from Twitter but I'd love to become a more active community member and start to share my projects on the platform.

    Thanks for the welcome, Rosie!

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    Hey! I'm new to the community, been listening to Indie Hacker Podcast for the past several months. Love the show, it's inspired me to rekindle an old project I had started ten years ago but parked for several reasons. PitchCamp www.pitchcampmanagement.com is my new baby and it's growing fast.

    Looking forward to share my accomplishments with the group!

    Cheers, Luc

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    Hi everyone, I'm Valentine.

    I make Wrenches (wrenches.io), which is a guide / wiki for makers of all backgrounds that's meant to solve the problem of people getting stuck and confused at some point when trying to make their own valuable products.

    I've joined the community fairly recently, I think in September, when it became obvious I'm getting stuck myself when making Wrenches. Talk about recursion, huh 😂

    I am also only starting with the develop of a couple other projects, which I want to develop along with Wrenches. These are Just Find This (justfindthis.com), which is a "Learn how to find things on the internet" online guide, and Sci-Map (sci-map.com), which is a rating of most-cited and most important scientific papers by scientific fields.

    Already contribute to threads and learn a lot , so thanks everyone and thanks Rosie for making this thread!

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    Hi there,

    I'm Smythe from the UK. Like many on here I'm a Director and Software Engineer by day and an indie hacker at night.

    Founder of BankPayments.net - Payments platform that allows UK and Ireland developers to accept payments on their websites using customer's Online Banking.

    Joined IH last week and its been great so far.


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    Hi community!

    I'm Eduard from Germany, software developer and entrepreneur. I'm focusing on macOS and iOS apps using Swift.

    I have built NotePlan (https://noteplan.co). It's a productivity app a bit different than others helping you to micro-manage yourself on a daily basis with calendar, notes, to-dos and more. Initially I made it for myself before I ventured into the indie world. Now I'm about 3 years in and since last year full-time working on it!

    -- Eduard

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    Full-time doctor starting http://startbook.club

    Where i make courses of how to start a business online without code.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm Dave. I've had an IH account for a while and have posted on and off for a few years but I am getting back into the swing of things with my new project BannerJS (https://bannerjs.com).

    I'm a software engineer by day and an indie hacker at night. I have 10 years of experience building and scaling high growth internet startups from a technology and infrastructure perspective, so I'm hoping I can help out the community when it comes to those kinds of things.

    I'm also hoping to learn more about the sales & marketing side of things from the rest of you :)

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    Hey! Thanks for opening the door on this :)

    I'm a long-time listener/lurker. I have a small independent full-stack agency, twostoryrobot.com, specializing in javascript (Node, React).

    We are in early stages of iterating on a few products and I'm also working on some small side project(s) for endurance athletes.

    I'm a developer now turning towards expanding my marketing chops. Love all the insights that the podcast offers and excited to interact a bit more with the IH community here.

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    Howdy y'all!

    My name is Noah Labhart, I'm a startup founder (touchtap.com, veryableops.com), CTO (veryableops.com) and podcast host (codestory.co). I'm also a Husband, Dad of 3 and a man of faith.


    I have a passion for solution architecture. Having worked in many roles over the past 13 years, I’ve gained vast experience in software implementation – from web applications to mobile apps to platform architecture. The sweet spot for me is creating solutions that impact peoples lives, and doing so by applying development best practices, methodologies and building world class user experiences. When I’m not being a geek or reading old calculus books, I can be found chasing after my beautiful bride, being chased by my kids, enjoying a good cup o’ joe, playing my guitar(s) or being outdoors.

    Why I love building software….

    It’s the intersection of the left and right brain, technology meets creativity, engineering meets art – the balance between structure and a free spirit. But more than what it does for me, I enjoy seeing lives impacted by creative technology and elegant solutions.

    Looking forward to connecting with everyone.

    Thanks @rosiesherry!

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    Hi! Thanks for this post!

    I'm Anna, I'm a freelance maker. I do software engineering, product development, all that jazz. I love to create non-ordinary, human-centered products.

    I'm working on research as service platform, Wannabe. I'm going to provide services to startups or any other companies that need

    • market research

    • competitors analysis

    • data analytics

    • website development

    • setup of internal processes


    Currently I'm working to find a good pricing model for the platform.

    I'm also doing blogging for fun and to get my thoughts out there hopefully someone will like it. My blog is here: https://agrigoryan.me

    Nice to meet you all!

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    Hello My name is Claudia Maciel and I was an airline pilot but decided that, that lifestyle was not for me as I have a family that I want to spend time with and be with. So I decided to start my business that has been brewing inside for the past few years.

    I used to work for a community college and we started a program to teach kids to code and I loved it, however working for a college had it's limitations on what I could and couldn't do. Too much red tape to have to jump through. I want to take what I started and expand on it, I know that it will be hard and alot of work but before I could even start I already have my first pilot program, which makes this intimidating but exciting at the same time.

    I need to start the business and have nothing but half a website built right now.

    What I need to know is how do I even start?

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    Hi all!

    My name is Henrique Spotorno, I'm a Product Manager based in Vienna, Austria. I run a small product development agency, Unsourced Digital (https://unsourced-digital.com) to support myself. Most of my free time is spent building products, together with small teams of technical co-founders. Our most recent product is Insights (https://getinsights.io), a privacy-focused analytics platform. We want to remove the trade-off that currently exists between respecting user privacy and receiving insights from data. We manage to track most of the metrics tracked by other platforms, while fully anonymizing user data. Quite proud of that accomplishment.

    Other than that, I'm quite passionate about remote, distributed teams, and about bringing work-life balance while still being competitive. Happy to talk to anybody about product, remote work, starting your business, or analytics :)

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.