Indie Parents August 5, 2020

Introducing Myself

Mike Peiman @mountaindad


I'm here to help motivate and inspire myself to keep on the long, hard journey of creating and realizing the concepts I've been cultivating for many, many years. The community here at IndieHackers seems really authentic, lively, supportive, and populated by many folks who are taking action on their dreams. Awesome!

I'd love to connect with any of you who shares an ethos of excellence, a pursuit of wisdom, and is motivated to achieve something that is a net benefit to humanity. Cool, random, and fun stuff is welcome too :) For example, the biggest project I've created so far, simply for fun and learning, is a small game: (not so good on mobile yet ;) )

I'm a single father, and fortunately/unfortunately have deep experience with illness and injury - both physical and mental (fortunately only because of what I've learned that I may help others). Relational Trauma is a new and powerful lens for me which puts a lot of things in focus on the psycho-social side. On the physical side, I've been a personal trainer/CrossFit, and expert snowboard instructor. I've dealt with injuries, insomnia, migraines and gut issues. I have a deep passion for health, well-being, human potential and opportunity, given my own journey has included a large share of suffering and loss.

Say hello if you like, it'll help me get involved, get social, get accountable and motivated. I've got a lot of work to do!

Peace and love.

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    Hi Mike, welcome to IndieHackers.

    You're right, the community here is authentic, friendly and helpful. Like no other!

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    Welcome Mike! The positive, constructive attitude with which you're countering your struggles is inspiring and a role model. I wish you a joyful time ahead!

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    Welcome aboard Mike!
    IH is pretty much positive community, you'll see!

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    Welcome, Mike! I love that you put "fortunately/unfortunately", given that we can all learn from hardship.

    The game was cool, looking forward to seeing what you do next!

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    Hey Mike,
    Welcome to indiehackers 👋🎉

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