Introductory pricing. Does it work?

I'm launching my product in a few weeks and thinking about trying a limited-time introductory price for the launch. (Subscription-based app)

Looking for data points on this technique. Have you tried it? Seen any research on this technique? Pros/cons?

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    What's the difference between the introductory pricing and the main pricing?

    Pricing should get updated once per quarter, especially in the early stages to find the right fit based on the value you provide to users. As long as you solve a problem for the user, the price doesn't have to be discounted. Price high and work your way down. It's more important to find the customers who really need your product than to sell to as many as you can who might end up churning anyway.

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      I'm thinking of employing this as a short-term technique to boost initial sign-ups. (Which has benefits in App Store rankings.) Something like 20-30% discount.

      Purely orthogonal to the work of optimizing pricing in general. (and I agree pricing is a long-term project that needs testing)

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