May 18, 2019

Is 26¢/click a good CPC?

Justin A @rapidmon33

I am running a small Facebook campaign for my app, and I am currently paying 26¢ per click on the ad. I have no discipline when it comes to advertising on Facebook.

So I was wondering if any marketing vets out there can maybe give their opinion on this CPC.

Just what's the most realistic optimum CPC?


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    A better question might be: what’s my total cost to acquire a customer? And... am I happy with it? Would you care if the cost per click is .26 or $2 if the cost of acquisition meets your profit requirements over the lifetime of the customer (customer lifetime value)?

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      Fair point. You're right. Harder to assess until I can determine if any customer gained at that rate was a profitable move.

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      This is the correct approach.

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    Focus on your CPA.

    If you can acquire customers profitably your CPCs and CPMs don’t matter 😉

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      Yea, that's what I am slowly realizing.

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    The real question is, are you targeting the right people? The clicks are converting in users?

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      Definitely targeting the right people. Conversion rate is a bit hard to assess. However, roughly 20% are converting to users. But the paid user conversion rate is another story.