Self Development December 2, 2019

Is anyone of you journaling and why?

Philip @NaoLimao

Is anyone of you journaling regularly and why?
Are you using a template questions or freestyle? Are and which software are you using? Mobile or Desktop? Morning or Evening, does it matter?

I've develop quite a journaling habit over the years and I always look for some like minded people and what there experiences are.

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    I journal daily, mostly in the morning. In the form of a 'brain dump' to get my thoughts organised and clear before I start the day.

    And I write in a single mark down file using vim :)

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      Thanks for the answer! 🙏

      Same here. I use it mostly as a brain dump. I've used vim as well for a while. Especially with the distraction free goyo plugin. I really value to be locked in while writing.
      I always wanted to get it to the next level and dedicate a raspberry pi with a small screen just for journaling and writing.

      Similar to this 100rabbits setup 😍

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    Hey @NaoLimao add me to the group who journals every day. Sometimes about my project, sometimes about my emotions. No rules. It's the one thing (like meditation is for some people) that I've found that's 100% guaranteed to improve my mood if I'm feeling down, or give me clarify if I'm feeling lost, or give me confidence if I'm feeling doubt.

    I've been using old-school pencil and paper for the past year, but as I'm just starting to use my computer a lot again (after taking almost a year away from it) I may switch back to computer-journaling. When I did this in the past I created a different account on my Macbook and disabled all the apps in that account except for my journaling app (Bear) and that worked great!

    What about you? What's your style?

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      Glad to hear it changed your life! Mine as well. However, I never managed to do it on paper as I'm more involved with the aesthetics as with the writing itself in that moment. 😅

      I'm currently settled with a custom browser starting page which provides me a blank sheet every day while saving the contents of the day before. Neat trick to keep me going to write as I always open my browser when I'm on my Mac. 😉

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        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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          True. Rereading past entries is only fun for half an hour a year it feels. But glad to know the entries are save.

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