Looking to Partner Up April 5, 2020

Is anyone out there interested in taking over email?


Hi all,

My name is William, and I am so happy to join the Indie Hackers community today as I know I can get super-valuable advice as well as meet awesome people in here.

Back to France after living 6 years in the US, I am taking the opportunity of a life change to get back to entrepreneurship. The project I am working on is incredibly challenging, so I am looking for all your help and expertise to get over all sorts of difficulties on the path to success.

If you are feeling frustrated with email messaging, you are the user I am aiming at making the life much easier.

If you have expertise in decentralized messaging, email protocols, or anything related to digital messaging (asynchronous or synchronous), then you are definitely the kind of person I am looking to work with.

In both cases above, I would be super interested to get connected with you to discuss.

My project is still at an early stage, and I am planning to shift a few gears quite soon as I am about to quit my job to get 100% focused on it. I am going to be accompanied by super great entrepreneurs and mentors from ESSEC Business school and its network. I will also get incubated in a famous Parisian incubator (le Cargo).

I am looking forward to building the dream team that will send the project to the roof, of which an incredible full-stack dev to be my CTO co-founder and partner in crime (hopefully rather in success).

If you want to know more about my spirit, you can read a few articles I wrote on Medium (@williamcalvat)

You can also check out my landing page. It is very basic for now and needs to be improved, so any suggestion is welcome :)




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    Are you building Google Wave? Tell me you're building Google Wave!

    In all seriousness welcome and good luck.

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      Brings back memories! We just wrote about Google Wave here: https://blog.taskade.com/google-wave-history/

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      Haha no I’m aiming at building something less complex, with a very new approach of messaging that would prevent a big chunk of the mess at the root. It would also make inboxes inherently much more organized and messages way more readable.
      I am well aware that I’m fishing in deep ocean, and although my ambition is big there’s no arrogance on my end.
      Thanks for the support though

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        I've always believed that simply putting a hidden unique hash (say from address + time sent) would make it really easy to track unique messages, which is essentially what Wave did. I think Outlook does do that if you look at message headers.

        So, even a simple web email client could easily apply a unique hash to outgoing messages and use that to identify replies and apply a unique hash to incoming messages. That alone would allow a web-based Wave-like interface.

        Anyway, I'm just rambling while I wait for my phone to restore after accidentally wiping it trying to upgrade at 3am (lesson learned).

        1. 1

          Well that's one way to do the unique message identification. Which for sure is something that could be used to improve so much message search and conversations readability. There are actually so many things that could be done to improve messaging! What exactly is the thing that annoys you most about email btw?

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            I have pet peeves around:
            1.) People saying "let's meet up" but not proposing one or more day, time, and place that works for them.
            2.) People replying and saying "Got it" or "OK thanks".

            The ability to filer message by word count of actual message (not including the body of all previous replies) would be helpful because then I could say "if the message body is less than 3 words mark as read".

            1. 1

              Interesting, never heard of such standpoint but for sure it is yours and you might not be alone thinking this way. Thanks for your feedback, it is much appreciated!
              So I'm curious: what are your current workarounds for both points?

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