Is it clear what this product does?

Hey, IH-ers!

I'm just gearing up to launch the second spin-out of my main app, and I could really use your expert criticism and feedback on the landing page I'm putting together for it. The target audience is definitely not my fellow indie hackers, so I swear this isn't some kind of submarine marketing post -- I really do want your feedback on whether this landing page does a decent job describing the product!

The app is called Rent Robin, and the landing page is at https://rentrobinhq.com. Please give me any criticisms you can think of!

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    Ready your previous comment I don't think it's very clear what it does. I get the automatic reminders, etc. but I don't think it speaks to your target audience like personal storage cubes. I also thought it was landlords. I'd put in how you're specific to your target audience in the hero tag and first paragraph.

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    The piece of info I didn't find on your page is which accounting system this is an addon to. Have you looked at Xero addons that offer similar functionality?

    I think "rent" in "rent robin" made some think it's for landlords mainly.

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    About the target audience thing: you can create different landing pages per target audience with titles like "Automatic rent collection for landlords", "Automatic rent collection for self-storage operators" (or however best for SEO), where you can tie the description more specifically to that use case. Your main landing page can have sections for these asking, "Are you a landlord? Then find out how our product can help you". You can also use these pages as differently targeted ad landing pages.

    Overall I felt there's just too much text, you've put everything in nice sentences, where you could have just bullet points that can be easier to digest.

    As for the design: I see that your primary CTA is using your brand colour, but if I do a squint test, the CTA for email stands out more. I think it is worth tweaking this for a higher conversion rate. Also for wording: "Get started" implies a great commitment. Maybe you can get more registration with something like "Take a look inside" or "Give it a try".

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    Super nice and clear, I think. Is it intentional that you don't use the word landlord anywhere in your copy? I'd think you'd want some SEO for that?

    Also, would this app be good in a scenario where a bunch of people are renting a place together and one designated roommate has to collect up the rent and pay the landlord? Seems like a natural fit.

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      It's actually, weirdly, not designed for landlords per se -- it's designed for businesses that make most of their income from lots of small rent payments (think personal storage cubes). But the shared-rent-among-roommates is a great suggestion; I'm going to go off and ponder how to cover those two use-cases without losing the one I'm aiming for now.

      Great feedback! Thank you! 🥂

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        This shared rent/bill paying/collection problem is guaranteed to be pitched at least once at every startup hackathon I went to.

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          Says a lot about the kiind of people who go to hackathons, I guess.

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