January 1, 2020

Is it just me or are there very few remote worldwide opportunities out there?

Gene Maryushenko @genemachine

I’m wondering if there’s a product here... connecting remote worldwide seekers with companies who value talent over location? Has anyone had issues with working w/ people in different time zones or any positive experiences?

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    I've had issues finding remote worldwide jobs. I'd filter job board by remote only to find that the jobs require EU or NA/SA timezones.

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      This has been my experience.

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      I agree the majority of the jobs require only EU, NA/SA timezones. But these days the number of companies hiring for worldwide candidates is increasing.

      We are exactly solving this problem with our product Remote Leaf. Do you wanna give it a try?

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        Just checked out your website. I'll be honest, I was hesitant to subscribe as I've never tried your service before.

        I think it would be good to give people a trial period or some way to try the service first before committing to paying every month.

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          Hi Mustafa, Remote Leaf Trial is fixed now :) Feel free to try it out!

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          Hi Mustafa, I just added trial period to Remote Leaf, go ahead and try. Let me know how it goes :)

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            Sorry, never mind, It looks like there is a problem with Stripe side, problem with adding a trial period. I'll confirm for you once again as soon as it's up.

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          Thanks for the honest feedback. That is in my plan for this month. I'm going to include that in a few days and let you know.

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    TopTal is mostly remote projects. Some have timezone requirements but quite flexible about it.

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    Try the boards targeted to digital nomads.

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    Is it just me or it's getting crazier out there? I'm new to work remotely, and keep following on this topic. Nice title by the way. I assume it's from the movie "Joker".

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      I have not seen that movie.

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    This is why we created Remote Leaf, We connect remote job seekers with the companies hiring remotely.

    We collect thousands of remote jobs and send you personalized remote job list that are applicable based on your skill preferences & country or timezone.

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      Cool, will check it out.

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    Working full-time in a company with the main office in US, then there is me in Slovakia and a few people in UK and AU.. we don’t have noticeable issues with comms.

    I don’t think working remotely in a different time zone is ok for junior level developers though, since there are times when there is nobody online and can answer your questions.

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    Currently working a full-time job and then part-time doing some technical writing for a company in Malaysia. While I don't really do so much in regards to maintaining websites anymore, I used to go around town and try to sell people maintenance plans, but then I built a web host that maintains websites automatically so you can fire your web guy and save a bunch of money, so I've got a few clients there. While I'm no where near the point where I can quit my regular day job, I am still happy to have multiple streams of income.

    I'd say remote work, in regards to major companies, such as Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft -- where it's not that remote jobs don't exist, but it's more of the fact that they want you present in an office and they compensate you for it. I certainly don't fault the former CEO who basically caused the downfall of Yahoo, but her recall of everyone who was working at home to come into an office -- instead of creating a dedicated team to understanding the skills and talents the remote team possessed -- was a huge failure.

    While there are various articles on people who supported her cause and another series of articles who were against it: the fact is: the trend went from remote to in-an-office and it didn't matter what you could do: they just wanted your physical presence there. I moved across the country for a job after working remotely for 2 years in which they told me: "Move or get laid off." Since I'm not rooted anywhere, I moved, and got an increase in my salary and made them pay for the move. And when my time is done here, as I still don't have any children, I'll move to wherever the wind blows as long as it pays my bills and allows me to live the life I enjoy living.

    While that life may be for some, to work in an office, it's not for everyone. And so, you may have better luck with helping startups and things like that. Since the company I work for is in Malaysia, and to be honest, they all speak English very well, but they use my services to write the more technical articles. Basically, I turn "technical English" into "understandable English". And I check it by having other employees, like the marketing girls read it, and if they fail to understand it, I know it's too technical.

    My contract with them is about to end. Not sure if they're going to keep me on board, but the woman in HR expressed interest in keeping me on board, so that was cool. There is definitely work out there, but I'd suggest building up your portfolio, and knowing exactly what type of work you want to do, as well as familiarizing yourself with the work that is out there in the world.

    IndieHackers and Hacker News have a bunch of people that have submitted links to job boards they have created. Unemployment or even being unhappy at a job is just opportunity to figure out your new path in life.

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      How did you connect with the Malay company?

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        Hey Shaunau,

        Believe it or not, I was looking for a tool to host and manage my websites, and that's when I came across them. Their product wasn't completely user-friendly, still had some bugs, and needed some features that... any reasonable developer would ask to be implemented. I was a beginner... and they were experts. Why was it so hard for me to get onboarded? And if they had to help me.. it was defeating the purpose of using their service.

        The website documents were okay, but the English read like ESL. The issue with companies trying to succeed in the world who write their whole website in ESL means that its broken English, or there are words that non-native English speakers might use. I suggested to them that in exchange for using their product for free, I'd translate a few pages on their website into "better English".

        After a while, their product wasn't something I needed anymore at the time, and I stopped translating. For the next year, I kept in touch with the CEO and would often make suggestions about his product, things I'd like to see, especially pointing out how many steps were involved and how long it took. You're "user-friendly" when you focus more on point-and-click or very few steps.

        While the website still needed work, I noticed they lacked many articles about their product on their site, and told the CEO. He asked me if I'd be interested in writing a few articles about their products for them, so they could use them for marketing and things like that. I wrote about 16 articles. They paid me. They liked the way I wrote. And the next month emailed me with a 1-year contract to write for them. We negotiated what I'd be doing and how many articles I'd be writing, as the price I accepted for those articles was very generous. And I'm just completing up that contract as of 1 hour ago (It's New Years Day!)

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          That’s a great story and a great outcome for both you and the company. I’ve always been a big believer that being helpful and providing feedback/input ends up helping everyone sooner or later.
          I hope you get a renewed contract offer for 2020! Keep us posted, if you feel like it :)

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    Remote is becoming more wide spread than ever before. I believe companies such as GitLab are 100% remote,

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      Remote in the same time zone maybe, not worldwide. Any large job board has only a handful of worldwide accessible positions.

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        Yes, we curate a large number of companies hiring for worldwide candidates and also the local remote candidates @ Remote Leaf

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      If you had posted this 10 years ago I would agree now not so much

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