September 12, 2019

Is it ok to outsource the development of your softwares as a STARTUP to others?

Dennis Abari @Sweesh

The Challenge here is that most founders who aren't technical think they have a problem worth solving but don't have the ability to build the solution.

The advice these people are getting instead of recruiting a technical Co-founders is to outsource the development to others, get traction and hire a CTO.
But why might this go wrong. Here is something most people don't realize.

The vast majority of early stage investors care more about whether you can build something than what you have built. The thing they are interested is in, can you iterate on multiple versions of your startup to find product market fit.

Also outsourcing your softwares to others takes longer as these people might be working on others projects and they might not be as motivated as would a founder with a lot of equity.

Trap - if after building your first version of your MVP and talking to users Y I realize the solution doesn't solve the problem, it rare an MVP does... You have to iterate, that when you start spending more money, more time with the people you outsource your softwares to develop to.

We will discuss more about this during our online meetup in Sweesh.
You will all be notified of the date of the online meetup.

Special thanks : Y combinator ( for the research paper work).

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