September 16, 2020

Is it possible to success without promoting on twitter and linkedin ? 🐦


I've never used Twitter and this social network doesn't interest me that much. So I don't want to spend time on it.

For LinkedIn, I don't specially want people to know what I'm doing.

Did some of you ever had to deal with these kind of things ?

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    Your product can get proper recognition even if you aren’t active or do not advertise on Twitter and LinkedIn. It depends on who your target audience is and where are the places that they hang out the most. You can always opt for a personalized email marketing campaign or reach out to journalists or influencers who have been associated with a product similar to yours.
    There are several benefits of social media for promotion of your product, and you would ideally not like to miss on the potential to generate leads through these channels. Still, if you do not find these platforms enticing enough to involve yourself, then it doesn’t mean you can’t promote your product regardless. There are a lot of other options, which, if implemented effectively, could generate plenty of traction for your work.
    Do you have any strategies lined up for the promotion of the product? How would you go about doing that? Most promotional campaigns need to be carefully planned and executed, which ultimately determines the success of the campaign. So, if you have something planned for your promotion then go ahead with it and give your best. Good luck.

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      Thank you for your comment, really appreciate it !

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    Yes! It depends where your customers are.

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    Yes, there are many more acquisition channels. But it really depends on where your audience is really (luckily, usually they're on multiple channels, not just Twitter/LinkedIn).