Newsletter Crew January 18, 2021

Is it weird to Email New Users Immediately after sign up?

Adam Langsner @adamlangsner

I recently launched a free product for Newsletter creators called CrowdMagnet to find cross promotion opportunities.

When someone signs up they provide info about their newsletter and screenshots to prove their subscriber count / open rate.

I get an automated internal email any time someone completes signup so that I can verify the screenshots and send them a welcome email.

Sometimes, If I'm at my computer, I can review the screenshots and fire off the welcome email literally 1-2 minutes after the user signed up.
The Welcome email is slightly personalized so they can tell it's not automated and that a human actually sent it.

Is it creepy / weird to send the email so soon? Should I wait at least 10-15 minutes before sending off the welcome email?

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    I do this a fair amount and try to wait at least 3 minutes, but honestly don't think it's a big deal. If anything people will just think your obsessive about support, which isn't a bad thing.

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      Yes exactly. I actually think many (myself at least) see it as a kind of confirmation that their sign up has been registered.

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      Thanks! That's reassuring to hear.

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    Not terrible. I think a better workflow would be 'automated welcome email' immediately and then a personal email like 2 days later asking what they think.

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    I think what you're doing is Okay.

    It's Nice to hear from companies, especially if it's from the founding team.

    It kind of signals that the company is alive.

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    Wait for 45 min+. People expect (and ignore) 'welcome email' quite soon after sign up. If you email after 45min or some unusual time, it will feel more human, and people will open.

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    I think yes.

    Even if it's not automated, so many people do it, and I've been trained to automatically archive everything after my first login.

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    A few minutes is fine in this case. If you claimed that you're writing a big custom report for them. that would look funny.

    Also, what are they doing right now? If they're busy setting up their account, don't interrupt them. If they're just waiting fo you to get back to them, hurry up.

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    I think there's no better time to send an email. The person has just engaged with you. You're still fresh in her mind. This is the moment when she's actually thinking about what you're offering --and is more willing to engage further with you.

    And if you send some type of a personalized email, that's plus points for you. "Marketers" hardly ever send personal emails. What a way to develop trust in you and your brand.

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    You do not need to wait. In fact, the welcome email is a good piece of feedback to the user/customer to say "hey, that signup actually worked - you're part of the thing now." Nobody will fault you for sending that out immediately and may even appreciate the quick response if they can tell that it is not automated.

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    I think people are mostly used to it by now...

  10. 1 has ways for it to be around 30 minutes like an immediate drip campaign. Plausible does message straight after signup which is nice too.

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    I do it all the time. It’s fine. However not immediately. Within a day or two works for me.

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    I actually think it's great. I think many developers have not paid enough attention to momentum in the sales process.

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