No-Code October 23, 2020

Is Low-Code really something developers want or is it No-Code?



We are a team of developers, that are considering building a Low-Code Platform designed for developers.

Our simple question is:
What do you, as a developer, need in such a platform?
What helps your processes?
What makes you more efficient without losing quality?

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    I'm a Full Stack Developer and I use Django and DRF. There are a number of ways to do authentication in Django but I still had a surprisingly hard time setting up what I wanted. I had to create my own solution to allow a user to be logged in on multiple devices, which I now use as a template for other projects. It might be good to focus on one thing like authentication.

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    My question is if the developer is your customer then why do they use No Code Platform ?

    They will use CMS or Some Framework Or Boilerplate Code Or Business Application platform ( BPA) for their projects.

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    I want lo/no code with 0 lock-in (i.e. I can run my own instance of the backend in case the platform goes under.) No offense.

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    I have no idea why this hasn't been done yet - represent objects (classes) visually, with their methods exposed as plug-in connector points.

    For example, a component that does hashing. One connector point takes a string value and returns a hash. Another connection compares two hashes and returns true (if equal) or false (if not equal).

    This way, I can visually connect functionality - pop-beading function calls together (a la SSIS), and set properties. I know what the app needs to do; I'm looking for a visual abstraction so I don't have to get into the syntax weeds to make it happen.

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      Seems like you're describing a VPL ( There's a bunch of these but I've seen them most commonly in the education space.

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      I've never used it, but I think Dark Lang is sort of like that?

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